Learned by best friend caught the hiv.

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    Jun 18, 2013 11:43 PM GMT
    He told me in such a strange way too. Kept going on and on and i practically had to pull it out of him. He was giving me all of these silly euphanisms like "my ex gave me gifts".... umm, ok? what kind of gifts? "gifts that will last a lifetime" ..... uhhh a ring?..... "no"....ummm, a watch?......"no".... I dunno, why would ur ex give u gifts?... "cuz he's an asshole" ...ok. well, are u two getting back together? ..."no. he gave me a house in vegas".....oh ok. I hate Vegas.... "me too".

    now im thinking to myself. "whatever im fucking bored of this convo"...he finally tells me what "House in Vegas" means....HIV

    I was like "oh ok" .... icon_neutral.gif

    Gave the him "oh you're gonna be just fine" speech and bla bla bla... But honestly, im super annoyed by him. Cuz he got it through unprotected sex and he used to constantly lecture me on safe sex....and would make fun of ppl with HIV and AIDS....always saying things like ..this person has AIDS face or whatever. making HIV jokes, etc.

    Now, he's got it. I wanted to be a dick and be all "your AIDS jokes aren't so funny anymore, are they? But, I didn't.

    In this day and age with all the knowledge and education available to someone-- how can ppl still be getting AIDS/HIV through unprotected sex?
    How? I dont bloody get it. It's so preventable.

    So, whatever. like 2 weeks has gone by and now when I talk to him he acts like his HIV is some badge of honor icon_rolleyes.gif like as if to say "i've made it, I'm truly gay" "what do u know about what I've gone through?" "look at me overcoming this obstacle in my life...this hardship"... Like his mentality os different. Now he lectures me not on safe sex (like he used to)...but now it's about the power of positive thinking. ....lolz. He has since become an expert on it in about 2 weeks. And he will expel upon me how wonderful positivity is (pun intended).

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    Jun 18, 2013 11:54 PM GMT
    Import said...And he will expel expound upon me how wonderful positivity is (pun intended).

    Give your friend some time for his brain to wrap around this. Everyone is striving to make sense of their world. Then something shakes up your world and all you can do is pick up the pieces and hope they still make sense. But this piece wasn't next to that piece before and I'd never have put this piece next to that piece but now they're fused and I can't unstick them and I have to make sense of my world. Give yourself some time too.
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    Jun 19, 2013 3:24 AM GMT
    I think the moral of the story is: Don't listen to your friends. They're dumbasses. You know best icon_wink.gif
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    Jun 19, 2013 3:28 AM GMT
    So you gonna use that line from South Park on him now? icon_lol.gif