ADVICE HELP! Three part long story, insanely dramatic. might be in love with past Best friend. Fraternity shit. etc

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    I'm 20 yrs old, bisexual dude, in college

    Part 1

    Holy crap where do I begin. well Freshman year of college I decided to join a fraternity. Everyone knows that you get assigned big bros in fraternities. Well my big bro was not exactly super into hanging out with me or getting to know me. Soo I'm on a bus on our way to a mixer with my frat and a guy in the fraternity(jake) goes up to me and introduces himself. by the end of the night he tells me that he is my new big bro. we basically become best friends. like we talk to each other every day, hang out constantly. He probably spent over a thousand dollars worth of weed smoking me out constantly. He would twist my arm back and give me noogeys and basically bring me around every where he went. Anyways I am also kind of hooking up with this girl that lives in my dorm(sara), she wants to be serious super bad and is clingy so I told her that I ant to be casual (she was not to happy about that).

    Well anyways these two people are of course pretty important to me. I looked up to my big bro, even though he was kind of weird, he is super smart. Sooo Sometimes I would notice him kind of pushing me towards that sara telling her that I told him I was ready to be in a relationship with her. Basically I just asked him to back off and her being so bent on being official kind of turned me off. Well anyways, me and him loved trolling people together. Durring December, he tells me that he is going to troll sara and tell her that he is in love with her. I was like go for it, she had all ready tried hooking up with another guy in my fraternity to make me jealous, so i was kind of pissed at her.

    well one night towards the end of school, sara tells me that we need to stop seeing each other in a romantic way. this really took me off guard. One of our friends then tells us that they suspected jake liked her and she liked him. Well I asked him about it the next day and he admitted that he did like her, but didn't want to talk about it and just wanted to hang out with me. I was not that surprised though, a week before this he started acting weird and agressive towards me. Well we go to a party that night and I try to talk to him again about it. He ditches me at this party and text me to wait in his room at the house for him. Well Jake walks into his room looking like his is about to be sick and just my luck, sara is right behind him. He sits at his desk and sara sits me on the ground and tells me that they like each other and they want to start dating. I was super pissed, I found out that the attempt to troll sara was really just him trying to test the water. I thought it was a joke, i turned to jake and he could not even look me in the eye. Anyways the next mourning i go back to my dorm and see me and saras friends waiting to hear what happened. Well of course as im hanging with them. Jake walks into the room with sara saying they are going to go out and get lunch. then jake asks if I want to come with (wtf why on earth would I want to be a third weel on a first date between my best friend and love interest?) anyways of course I said no. So that night my fraternity is hosting a party, sara knocks on my door and tells me jake is outside in his car and wants to talk to me.I tell her not to show up to the party because me and jake need to work things out I get in and jake looks like he had been crying. He told me that he was trying to stop smoking weed and I made him so upset that he broke and got high. I find out that he had been bullied a lot as a kid (he is a big dude now). ohh and he told me that he casually did meth two days ago. Well. he is mopeing the entire time. I told him i was uncomfortable with them being together, but I would get over it in time (of course he really just made me feel bad). He then lies down on his bed with his face in the pillow. I don't know why I did it, but I just decided to lie down next to him. So that night sara comes to the party drunk and jake is all over her in front of me. Of course I was pissed, he was legit trying to get her drunk enough to hook up with him in front of me.

    at that point I just started crying, not only because I the girl i liked was with another guy, but the dude that I legit saw as an legit big brother had done a complete 180 and turned out to be sneaky pathetic snake. Well I just start yelling at him calling him a prick and her a bitch. He then goes to bed and tells everyone to get out of his room.

    The next morning i feel very bad I said some horrible things to him that night and I realized how scary depressed he can get. I decide to send him an apology letter via facebook. I then call our friends to try to find him to see if he is okay. Well no one knows where he is so out of instinct, I run to saras room open the door, to find them sitting in bed watching a movie together. I was soo pissed because I was legit worried about him and he was still being a little fucker. I just turn away and slam the door behind me. Sara told me that he hid his face from her and started to tear up. after I cool down I go back into the room and ask to talk to him. we go to my room and I read his apology letter. bassicaly saying sorry, how great of a rolemodel he has been and that I would need time away if he decides to date sara, however no matter his decision, I would still love him either way. He then starts to tear up, goes into my bathroom to fix himself (he is insecure about crying), comes back and tackles me saying that he was sorry and he never wants a girl to get between us agin. He then takes me to his car and brings me to the fraternity house to play video games with him and spend the night. Well sara text him asking him where he is and he is like, sorry I can't do this. She is messaging me all night telling me how he is in love with her and how I am a horrible person for keeping them apart. he refuses to speak to her. well at five am she is still going at it with me, she then tells me that she took a cab to the frat house and she is outside the door and wants to talk to jake and she wont leave until i open it. I wake jake up and he talks with her. he apparently tells her that he loves her, but that they can not be together because I was uncomfortable with it. well. she of course is still pissed at me the next day. Jake later tells me that he has a big crush on another girl that I have hooked up with and I also had feelings for. end

    Important/homoerotic things I missed:

    . I tell sara one night, that I think I am bisexual. she asks if I find jake attractive. (at the time I had zero feelings for him). (ohh and she was the only person i had ever told)

    . Jake often would use the words faggot or retard, he would also poke fun at a bunch of the gay dudes in my fraternity. He would also sometimes call me faggot

    . One party jake decides to bring me to his room, get me super drunk and asks me to pull up my shirt so he can shave my stomach.. for some reason I did. He also would also take his finger sometimes and run them up my ass.

    . Jake often will do things like flash his nuts or dick when I am in public with him, but he only brings it to my attention that he is doing so. He would also send me pictures of his balls

    . Jake called me poptart a lot. (i told you he was kind of odd)

    . Onetime we were talking about pudes with one of our girl friends and he was like "people say I am super hairy." I'm like "Me too" then we just decide to show each other our pubes.

    . The night that I first found out about the secret "love affair" Jake gets upset and tells me that me and him are not big and little and to get over it. at one point he pulls me into the bathroom, takes out an electric shaver and demands me to let him shave my balls.

    . Jake would ask me to sit on his lap sometimes.

    At this point in the story, I do not see jake as being attractive or gay at all. I see him as a best friend.

    things gett intense in part 2 which i will post
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    Jun 24, 2013 6:44 PM GMT
    There are three parts to this? My advice- you need some extreme editing.
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    Jun 24, 2013 6:49 PM GMT
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    We got a serious case of TL;DR here.

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    TellMeMoar said021.jpg

    It's all your fault cause of your RJ screen name.
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    Jun 24, 2013 6:55 PM GMT
    TellMeMoar said021.jpg

    It's all your fault cause of your RJ screen name.
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    dat was mega lol
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    Pt 2. So basically summer gave me a big break. I would talk to Jake a lot, but I noticed that he was still kind of aggressive towards me.

    .Well I realize that I do have a lot of feelings for this other girl that he said he thought was cute. I tell jake that after thinking about it for a long time, I told him to be with sara because I knew they had been talking over winter. He told me that he was going to tell her that he doesn't want to date her because she is a virgin. I just told him that I want him to be happy and I told him about the other girl that I liked.

    . I get a call the next day telling me that he told Sara that they were not going to work out

    . I also get a call from the other girl (lets call her Rachel) telling me that she some crazy texts from jake bassicaly telling her that a mystery guy id going to reveal that he wants to date her, and if she is a genuin person, she will not reciprocate simular feelings. Of course she is like WTF, I then tell her what happened.

    . Anyways. One night I come home from a party drunk and me and jake fb chat. I decide it would be funny to show him my nuts.

    . the next morning jake is like, "you are such a fag." (btw I never use that word and I hate it and I have told jake this) I'm like "no you" he then is like "no you are the gayest kid I know, you showed me your nuts over video chat." I'm tell him that I have seen his nuts so many times in person, via social media/phone, and that he was obviously gay or bi curious because wanted us to chave each others nuts. Well he flipped the fuck out on me. "Listen here you stupid little faggot retard, Don't you ever fucking tell me what I am, you don't even know me and obviously you don't know what it was like to have a big brother you spoiled fucking brat." Yeah, I was just like wtf.

    . Anyways I say sorry and he gets over it. but he tells me that he wants me to start being more masculine and doing more masculine things. he then tells me that he use to be friends with another guy in my frat (who is some what feminine) and that he use to try to get him to be more masculine.

    . Ohh yah, jake now talks about how much he likes watching sports (he told me a while ago that he does not) and always talks about how he works out all the time. He also constantly talks about him being an "alpha male" and him "smashing bitches"

    . Later, we are vid chatting another night and he randomly decides to tell me that his gay cousin tried to fuck him one time.

    Anyways the first night i am back at college, I see sara, she wants to be friends because I consulted her over the summer after jake harshly teased and broke things off with her. He told her later that he just really wants to find a girl of the same religion that he practices.

    anyways that night i go to the frat house get way too drunk because i forgot i took medication right before, and i black out. Jake was pissed when i woke up. Apparently I pissed on the ground and a little on myself, he told me that he had to "bathe me" and then tells me that he thinks I am gay for him.

    . Of course he is super mean to me after this, calling me fat, dumb, faggot etc. He tells the entire fraternity that I am gay for him and tells me that I came onto him that night.

    . when I try to apologize, via fb he tells me things like "your an immature little brat, go play your little kid games somewhere else, I have no time for you. I was of course very distraught because he changed so much.

    Well, I come to the house with sara one night (i know horrible idea). Jake sees me and automatically starts hitting on other girls that I am friends with. He then starts talking to people about how he has taken other brothers in his fraternity under his wing and all that crap, all the while, he is glancing at me and sara looking for a reaction.

    Sara then confronts him and tells him to talk to his little brother. I am about to walk a girl to her car when he pulls me aside and tells me that he wants to talk, i say know, then he grabs my wrist and lashes out telling me that he wont talk to me if I don't come now.

    Well when we are up in his room, he reveals that he thinks I'm gay for him and we need to distance ourselves. I told him that I did not have feelings for him. He then tells me that i need to grow up. I ask him what the real issue is because I told him i did not have feelings for him, he tells me that I came onto him but refuses to tell me what happened. I say I am sorry if i made him uncomfortable, but I am not gay for him, he then gets angry and kicks me ou of his room.

    . After getting sara from down stairs, we sit in my car. I just burst out crying, not because i was hurt, but because there was something very wrong with someone I care about and I couldn't fix it. We then see jake leaving the back of the house in a hurry looking like he had been crying.

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    I was gonna watch a movie or read a book today. No need, we have Kevinjacobs here now. Thanks for the read but I want the 15 mins of my life back. icon_razz.gif
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    showme said
    TellMeMoar said{ 00 }

    It's all your fault cause of your RJ screen name.

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    flguy57 saidI was gonna watch a movie or read a book today. No need, we have Kevinjacobs here now. Thanks for the read but I want the 15 mins of my life back. icon_razz.gif

    You actually spent 15 mins reading that?! icon_eek.gif

    The OP has a serious case of keyboard diarrhea!
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    so I am going to try to make this fast, this last one covers an entire years worth of events and climax's. before you read this, know I am not an idiot I just got involved with bad people. I know this is scary long

    . I end up hooking up with sara

    . jake calls her one night that I am with her, sobbing telling her that he is super drunk and he is an asshole and he hates himself. and how he did all this shit to distract himself from her and how he has been a horrible friend to me. and how he wants to hurt himself

    . confront him about it the next night and he tells me that he does not remember, but hints that he does. I then asks about what happened between me and him the night I blacked out, he informs me that he made it up. of course I am pissed because I for sure didn't want to come out to people in my frat now that they think I am that poor example of the gay/bisexual community that tries to sexually assault their best straight friends. Ohh and i reveal that me and sara have hooked up, but I not anymore because I respect him as a friend too much. However, he is super rude to me, then sara pulls him aside, talks to him about his "issues" and he text me saying "things are going to be better"

    . We have many talks that resolve things, but in the end, things are never good for long. he starts making up other excuses why he does not like me. when he is rude to me and I confront him, he says things like "what are you, my girlfriend?

    . Jake Tells sara and I that he is dating this girl, oddly enough she ended up being the chick that sits behind me in class. I was like, hey your dating jake right... well it turns out they just made out at a party and text once in a while, he was lying to me. he then tells her that he can't move forward or talk to her anymore because he is too busy with school.

    . well durring spring break sara gives me an ultimatum. we obviously like each other a lot, but I need to choose between committing to her and cutting jake out of my life. Of course she still talks to him randomly (when he is having emotional issues)
    well over break i tell sara that she needs to end thing with jake. So i get a text from a friend telling me that she picked jake up from a bar drunk out of his mind and they are going to the house so sara and him could talk.
    sara calls me and asks if we can talk when we get back, she tells me she spent the night, but not to worry because she has not chosen which one of us she wants. of course I was pissed and tell her this ain't flavor of love and I will make the decision easy for her.

    . jake tells me that she called him, told him that me and her were over and she was all over him (which was the exact oposite)

    . he gets pissed because I am angry and then is like "fine, I won't be with her if it makes you happy, just stop being a mopy pussy about some dumb girl."

    Of course sara is distraught because I was no longer in the picture and he decides to let her go by txting her "I choose brotherhood."

    Durring greek week, we are at a party, at the end me and sara confront him because he has been sending us scary texts. we bring him to a separate room to finaly end the drama and ask whats wrong. he refuses to speak telling us he is dealing with personal issues. then he erratically makes a run for the door and locks himself in his bedroom hiding from us.

    . the next night of greek week, he gets super angry at me when he is drunk. he walks buy me, grabs me and starts bashing me into the wall (he is 6"4 210lb, i am 6'0 160lb). Well my wrist really hurts, but i tough it out till the end, then go to the ER... and turns out jake broke my wrist.

    I find him on campus hunt him down and confront him, he starts having a panic attack and hyperventilating and convulsing. then he tells me sorry and we need to just never talk about sara again and how this is all her fault and he couldn't believe that he hurt me.

    . well he is still sending scary shit to sara, so i sit him down a week later telling him he needs to talk to her and decide what to do because he has expressed many times how unhappy he was. they talk and decide to start dating.

    . I tell them i need a break (they are not okay with this). jake visits me on my birthday the next day and can tell i am upset about it. He then asks "do you want me to break up with her?" I tell him no, then he says "good because I wasn't, you need to learn your lesson and stop being such an indecisive pussy fag about it."

    later he is basically trying to find every way to break up with sara. The frat is giving him big shit for breaking my wrist. Of course he will want to be super close one day, then tell me i'm an immature fag the next day.

    eventually one night i decide I have had it, I tell him to apologize to me for everything and stop telling people in the frat that I'm gay for him. I give him an ultimatum telling him I leave his life if doesn't mak things right. He writes public apology over our google groups page, then tells me to come to the house because he needs me and to hurry.

    I walk into his room and the lights are off. his face is in the pillow (had been crying and refuses to look at me. starts making up all this shit about why he hates me. then he tells me to look at his computer screen which has a suicide website pulled up. He informs me that he was going to trick me into thinking he was trying to kill himself, to make me upset because he hated me. Then he tells me that our friendship was amazing and we were perfect fraternity brothers. He then is like, "WHY THE FUCK DO YOU LIKE ME SO MUCH?" I tell him he is a cool kid, then he is like "NO THERE IS MORE, TELL ME WHY DO YOU KEEP TRYING WITH ME, I HAVE TREATED YOU LIKE SHIT AND YOU'RE JUST SO NICE, THERE IS SOMTHING ABOUT OUR FRIENDSHIP AND I DON'T UNDERSTAND IT." All I could was is "you were such a good friend to me."
    - i knew for sure i was buy at that point, even though he had gotten a lot more buff, I knew he wasn't bi or gay so I didn't even want to try.

    We both get invited to a casual, we are at a bbq place and both super drunk. He goes up to me, tells me to go to the bathroom with him because he sat in marshmallow. Well we go in, I wet a paper towel give it too him. he then demand i do it for him, basically the marshmallow was on his ass crack. I refuse to at first, then he starts yelling at me to stop being a fag. So I do it, basically i was dry fingering his ass. We get out of the bathroom and his date was like, where were ya'll, I told her what happened and she tells me that he put the marshmallow there himself

    . Well sara is out of the picture at this point , and the year ends.

    . I visit my college a couple of times durring the summer for rush, Jake is there all summer. He would get super offended when I was at the house and would not spend time with him, when i would, he would get all weird or mean about it. ohh and he started telling people that he was doing steroids and dealing drugs.

    One week I ask him to come to my city which was an hour away because he had been complaining about not seeing me. Soo he tells me "give me a list of reasons to come" I do, then he tells me that I am being creepy. he tells me to buy tickets to a music fest so we could head the our college town and go the next day. then he cancels on me last minute after he teased me about it. then told me that no one was going to the concert and I shouldn't come up "like he got cold feet for some reason" That was the final straw, I was pissed, I texted him that he was being a real douche and inconsiderate, then for some reason he decides to block me on fb.

    . Well skip to next year, I had to stay in my city for community college because i was a mes after the love triangle shit. All the while jake was sending me emails harassing me. calling me fag and shit and insulting my masculinity. well I decide to be the bigger person and be like hey, I'm sorry lets work things out. I visit the hous
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    Bloody oath !! , you have a fair bit of work to accomplish with those 2 ..