Ok, I browsed through the other topics just to make sure this had never been done.. You'll find some to which this might be similar, but they're not quite the same.

My idea is, instead of having just a plain 6 letter word game, there's this new twist, which is: we're creating a storyline along the way.

There aren't any new rules derived from this new twist, so the old one applies:
One person chooses a 6 letter word and makes a sentence out of it, and gives a new one to the following poster to make up a sentence, and so on, und so weiter.. hah

There's no right or wrong storyline, either funny, sad, philosofical, whatever, I think it's all good, right?
However, in order not to get stuck with an endless story, I would SUGGEST that we kept them to a 5, 6 pages length. I guess anyone can bring the story to an end, I would just ask for that person to email me, letting me know that the story has ended, so that I can edit the first post and add in which page a new story begins.

I guess that's it =)
I'll start. hehe


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