So, we have a disenchanted NSA contractor, a furious American government, normal Chinese bureaucrats and the Russian President.
It's starting to seem like some sort of bad comedy.
So for some reason Snowden thinks it's a good idea to take on the American Government, by exposing their spying. Then he leaves for Hong Kong.
US Gov't: "Can we please have him back? We have an extradition treaty with you."
Hong Kong: "We are very sorry, but you misspelled his name when applying for extradition."
Then Snowden flies to Moscow:
US Gov't: "Can we have him now?"
Putin: "No."
US Gov't: "Can you at least tell us where he is?"
Putin: "He's still at Sheremetyevo Airport."

Maybe, maybe... Snowden was a Russian mole, and now he's not going anywhere, because his mission is complete. Far-fetched, I know, but there have always been interesting events in the world of espionage, like that "CIA agent" in his bad wig.