The decision arms proponents to go into courts.

DOMA was expensive for same sex couples.

It doesn’t tell other states they have to have same-sex marriage. There isn’t a nation-wide right to same sex marriage, at this point in time.

Justice Kennedy was sensitive to gay rights and state rights.

In CA the people were not on the same side of gay marriage so there was some talk of the Supreme Court "bunting" [the case thrown (to complete the metaphor) at them].

You can’t put gay people in one category and straight people in another category [under constitutional law].

They were not ready to do Loving vs. Virgina--[in the sense that] all 50 states must do this.

After CA, only the 13th state to have gay marriage, there would be 1/3rd of the population of the U.S. living in a state w/ same-sex marriage.

I watched the Charlie Rose segment for the info above.