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    Jun 29, 2013 11:23 PM GMT

    Hi All,

    Thanks for reading - I would appreciate any positive detailed information, so that I can better be in a position to provide the best level of sexual pleasure to my boyfriend.

    I am 30 years plus - recently discovered I am bi/gay (about 8 weeks ago).

    I now have a wonderful boyfriend who I want to pleasure sexually. In terms of background, my boyfriend's previous 'interaction' was clearly something significant in his life. I noted correspondence between them, whereby, my boyfriends referred to him as a 'high calibre' - a level of sexual pleasure like no other. Obviously, my boyfriend doesn't want me to worry about the above, however, as an individual with next to no experience with a man, I do want to take a proactive approach in this, so to ensure I can pleasure him at a whole new level - hopefully, something more significant than Mr High Calibre.

    So here goes, I am aware he likes when:

    - I kiss his neck and ears whilst inside of him.
    - I grind him.
    - I moan
    - when we hold hands whilst intimate
    - when I shoot hard inside (he says he can feel I shoot hard -???)

    Anyway, I hope that the above information isn't inappropriate, or offensive for some. I would really just like to enhance our experience (for him), so if you can provide a detailed list, steps 1 to 10 (lol.. anything).. some form of something, so I can be at my best.

    Oh.. for your information, I am totally happy with him, and sexually also. However, just need some insight... We also have been tested - we have unprotected sex. .... Ooops... also just to mention, I get extremely wet, so we haven't actually used lube to date. However, I plan to from here on in... I believe it would be more comfy for him.

    Lastly, whilst you've probably already identified, he is the bottom in the relationship. I am also curious what the roles of a TOP as opposed to a bottom are.. should I ask him to try to be a TOP? would that provide him more pleasure?

    Thanks in advance icon_smile.gif
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    Jun 30, 2013 6:31 AM GMT
    You are the only one that really knows your partner..
    How about a fun experimental session where you two try new things and figure out what you like?

    ..BTW.. the pride and effort you are making to please your partner is so Awesome!
  • Tripster11

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    Jun 30, 2013 1:10 PM GMT
    Thank you for your response.

    I really appreciate your comments, and I agree that I should best know my own partner. However, as I am only new to this, I would like to be in a better position to so exceed his expectations. Nonetheless, an experiential session is probably the best approach.

    Having said that, if anyone can provide specifics relating to something they find extremely satisfying, that of high calibre, I would honestly be grateful.

    many thanks!