When I go to bed at night, I don't care (ignorant thread)

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    Jun 30, 2013 10:39 AM GMT
    I'm about to be a selfish, self-hating, asshole that many of you may already think I am and that's OK. I am not here to entertain or impress you or kiss your asses

    I was thinking earlier to myself in lieu of all the celebration of the gay marriage news.

    Firstly, this is more about social issues more than soley gay marriage. I am not against marriage for gay people. I am pro life and I support the death penalty and am for the 2nd Amendment completely. I am a registered Republican but I do not consider myself extreme right wing. At the same time I am not really a centrist either. Hell, most days I feel like nothing in the political spectrum cuz it's all just so messed up on both sides these days.

    The point of this is to say that when I REALLY really think about it, these issues that people go crazy over really don't affect me. Gay marriage is not paying my bills. I have no desire to get married. It doesn't change my day to day life. Abortion rights don't change my life at all. I don't go to bed worrying about it. I go to bed thanking God for giving me food, water and shelter for the day. I thank him for living and my health. Taxes, the stock market and rising prices of living, etc is what really affects me and what I should be whining about.

    I don't care about racism, because it doesn't affect me. I don't see it, I never experienced it and it doesn't pay my bills, so again I don't care. I don't care to fight it when it's not doing anything for me or my family. My quality of life is what I make it, not what is happening out there with these issues. Healthcare affects me and I care about that. I would get up and do something about over any of the above issues. At the end of the day, I believe most people feel this way regardless of what they stand up for and do. After all, in this world you need to take care of and watch yourself. I'd rather go to a homeless shelter or the humane society and give directly than blindly donate or sit and protest some random bill that in no way affects me. Changing someone's life by giving them NECESSITIES like shelter, food and water is more important than the luxury of marriage. No one needs marriage. We can live without it and many people do, straight or not. Many people live their lives and yet there are women getting abortions and people do illegal drugs and selling weapons underground

    I can only live my life the way I have seen and do see it. No matter how you say, "put yourself in my shoes" I can't because it's impossible. Stop expecting people to understand and live up to your standards. People live for themselves at the end of the day. Like most people, I get emotional over some social issue one day and then the next I am over it living my life normally because I realized what a waste of time it was and how my life wasn't improving because of it

    That is all
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    Jun 30, 2013 3:18 PM GMT
    Here's the thing - even if these issues don't affect you directly, they can affect you indirectly.

    Gay marriage may not be something you are considering, but it does often go hand in hand with a general attitude toward gays. If you strive for equal rights, discrimination slowly goes down. You may not be experiencing it now, but down the road you may want to get married, or you may need to relocate somewhere where tolerance for gays is lower. Sometimes you have to take the long view.

    Ditto for other social issues. You may not ever have to worry about abortion, but if a friend or co-worker of yours were to have a difficult pregnancy that required termination, the issue would strike closer to home. If you have a friend who is the victim of racism, it would be an issue to you.

    And sometimes it is just good to do things that help other people, even if they don't affect you. Where would gay rights be if no straight people backed us up, since it doesn't affect them?

    I see the argument that you are making, but I think you need to think about these issues in a broader context.
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    Jun 30, 2013 3:25 PM GMT
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    Jun 30, 2013 3:40 PM GMT
    OP, i know u warned us at the beginning of your rant that you're being selfish....and u sure are!

    U literally say that you're "pro-life and for the death penalty"....u contradicted urself in the sentence. You're not pro-life....you're just anti-abortion. But who are u to tell a woman whether she can have one or not? Your belief system does not trump anyone elses, but whatever. You generally dont even care. Fine.

    U dont care about racism, gay rights, or anything outside of stuff that affects u. While all that shit doesn't directly affect you, a lot of it will indirectly affect you. I'm sure someone has already said this (i didnt read other ppl's responses, btw)
    I think the broader acceptance of homosexual couples and accepting their relationships as legitmate will improve the overall way homos are viewed in society-- and will improve your life and your mobility indirectly. Thats why it's important. If u wanted to buy a house or rent an apartment, but someone said u couldn't because they dont like queers or fags....and everyone was like you and never gave a fuck about our rights...u'd be relegated to whoever would wanna deal with you... limiting you. Again, you've been indirectly affected by everyone not giving a fuck.. If you were discriminated against for employment purposes... you'd care about gay rights then, wouldn't you?

    You're a product of individualistic thinking--- everything must benefit you for you to care. It's all about you and paying your bills. You appear to be struggling with that, which is totes not cute btw. Struggle is never cute. Paying bills is for people that are fat and never have plans on the weekend. JK

    but u need to care. We're all in this life together and u should care about shit. And I think honestly the only reason u dont care about gay marriage or gay rights is because u dont have a man in your life...u dont see urself ever being with someone like that...u dont see urself getting married or u dont have that special someone in ur life that u wanna marry..... but many people do...and they should be able to get married if they want, regardless of you. What if u meet someone one day and wanna get married? You'll care then. . what if u move into a neighborhood where u experience some sort of racism? You'll care then.

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    Jun 30, 2013 3:59 PM GMT
    Not so ignorant as ambivalent like most Americans.
    The only time there is any measurable voter turnout is when there are major social issues at stake--really sad how we take it for granted.
    Had a local election here where only two people showed up to vote--a counsel man's seat taken by TWO votes, and it turned out she didn't want the job.
    Low voter turnout is what incumbents depend on.
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    Jun 30, 2013 7:54 PM GMT
    Import saidWhat if u meet someone one day and wanna get married? You'll care then. . what if u move into a neighborhood where u experience some sort of racism? You'll care then.

    Of course I would care then icon_razz.gif
    But why care now? I am saying most people in reality don't care unless something effects them directly. Just like those families at Sandy Hook and Gabby Giffords didn't really "care" about gun control and now they are all over it

    My rant was to prove a point. Most humans, not just Americans are generally numb to things that happen that don't affect them. Even if it's something mundane happening in life.

    Not to say there ARE some people who do care about things so much that they don't even focus on their own life and worry about everyone and everything else. Just saying that's not the majority. People just don't like to admit it cuz they are afraid of the repercussions but it's funny that our society looks down on selfishness, etc, yet that's what makes a lot of people and the individualism as well
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    Jun 30, 2013 8:07 PM GMT
    Why do so many people on RJ take the time to post about things they don't care about? I read these threads with interest wondering what they really want to say.
    I don't care about baseball. Guess how many threads I've started about it. None.