Religion is imaginary

  • Jake__Wright

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    Jul 02, 2013 6:24 AM GMT
    Its all made up stories from a being that does not exist, and churches are stupid for enforcing lies! Ok story........a few thousand years ago a group of people who had been on the goon bags and pot all night there were 6 of them Christian,Morman,Jehovah, Boddah,Muslim and Jew.... After having group sex and bong sessions, and pareletic drunks!. They saw a glowing walking human figure running around in the meadows nearby, and then it dissapeared, it was a man running around on fire and he dropped dead! They all wrote there own versions on what they saw and then came thousands of years of lies.....the end
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    Jul 02, 2013 7:30 PM GMT
    Let me repeat here what I just posted in the "Religion and God: Why Don't You Believe in It" thread:

    Short answer: I do believe in God, but I don't believe in a God who writes books. All works of literature that are considered scripture by various religious groups were, I would say, written by people. I do believe that creativity, and the desire to find meaning in our existence, and the desire to connect with others, comes from God. (Can't prove that -- that's a matter of faith...).

    But, as for the writings themselves, Torah, Talmud, New Testament, Vedas, Koran, etc.... I think that they were written by people -- people bound by the ideas of their time and place. They got some things right and some things wrong.

    The fact that something's in the Bible (or any scripture) tells us something about the people who wrote it but doesn't necessarily tell us anything about God.

    It is for us in our lives to try to discern the holiness in all of existence and in our interactions with one another. Our religious traditions do, and ought to, evolve, just as our understanding of the universe around us evolves.

    I wouldn't call that process imaginary.