Somebody Wife This Emo!

  • Jake__Wright

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    Jul 02, 2013 7:30 AM GMT
    I can cook: 2 minute noodles, Toast, Spaghetti bolognaise

    I can give: Sex, Love, Cuddles, Affection

    I like: Nutella, Nintendo wii-mario kart yay, dragons, anything black, Cool Hair! and Colours, Walking my little dog Herbie icon_biggrin.gif, Short stack, Piecings, Toys, any toy *Dirty*, having Fun, parties, Alcohol, penis, Drawing, Reading,Facebook, Swimming (in Black), macarena, Nutbush hell yes!,

    Be my boyfriend <3
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    Jul 03, 2013 10:09 AM GMT
    Hey mate - welcome to RJ.

    I'm thinking that you're selling to the wrong crowd with that post - the guys here are very diet and health / exercise conscious.

    I used to be goth myself - back before there were any EMOs - and I also used to be overweight, a heavy smoker and drinker - that lifestyle's a dead end, figuratively and literally.

    From reading your other posts, I'm glad to hear you've lost some weigh tho, seriously by smoking ?

    I understand it will suppress your appetite, but the things that smoking does that will make your body retain body fat just aren't worth it.

    Walking Herbie, wii-fit are both good starts, go from wii-fit twice a week to three times, or an extra walk for the dog every day (eg. morning and night).

    Check out some more fruit and vegetables -Tasmania's got some of the best produce on the planet.

    All the best and good luck with the Husband hunting.