Wheeler (wheelchair) sports?

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    Nov 05, 2008 12:53 PM GMT
    HIV POZ guy, very muscled, powerlifter here, Thanks to long term exposure to protease inhibitors, the cartilage in my left hip and right knee are shot and I can't run anymore. SO I'm taking up wheelchair sports , mainly racing and handcycle with an eye to competing in triathlons in PC5 class.

    Got my racing chair on the way and new wheels from Bike-on on order, now just wondering if there are any gay wheelchair jocks out there, or anyone interested ? I have linked up with Getting2tri and wcracing.org and they are working on a mentor for me.

    I've been reading alot here and hoping I can contribute sometime. If i can figure out how to download pics from my hard drive i'l post images of my racing chair.




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    Jun 25, 2011 6:15 AM GMT
    hello, im guille, how are you?