Hair loss advice needed?

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    Jul 04, 2013 2:25 PM GMT
    I'm 21, and all the men in my family are either balding or bald. I'm worried that it's starting to happen to me and that my hairline is receding. Is it actually receding (pics below)? Should I start using propecia or should I cut it into a buzz to make it less noticeable?
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    Jul 04, 2013 2:49 PM GMT
    I'm sad to say my hair is thinning in the back.
    I uses a generic Rogaine product. It works.
    I want to eventually go for transplants since my hair is so thick on the sides.
  • xzerox

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    Jul 04, 2013 3:08 PM GMT
    wear a hat... to be honest if your worried about finding men becuase of it, dont be. I met some cute guys who were bald.
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    Jul 04, 2013 3:25 PM GMT
    I wouldn't judge your hairline as "receding" - yet. It's inevitable for a young man's hairline to draw back a little from what he had as a boy, completely normal. The question is where it stops, and does it keep truly receding until it's noticeable.

    I've got a much higher hairline than I did as a boy, a family trait (father & mother), but not receding in the sense of not stopping and leading to baldness. It's just where the hairline is. So I let my hair fall forward over my forehead (its naturally tendency). Hairstyle can be a solution to a hair pattern you may not like for yourself, like a high hairline.

    For actual hair loss the solutions vary by individual. Some respond to propecia, others do not. And it does have some side effects with male hormones. I tried Rogaine when I felt my crown thinning (getting a monk's tonsure), but I didn't like the mess or the hassle. At 64 I'll just live with it. But I believe you have to begin when you still have hair remaining - totally bald skin won't respond.

    My husband once had a toupee, as did one of my BFs, both having gone bald young. If you're gonna do it, get the toup before you're actually bald, so there's not such a jarring change. A credible one is gonna cost lots.

    I've yet to see a guy with transplants that I couldn't detect. Some are fairly believable, while others look like a field of corn stalks. If you're gonna go that route check the results of other clients, and be prepared to pay a good price for good work.

    Yeah, hair patterns are familial, a good predictor. My own late Father never went bald, and not even seriously grey until his late-70s, just salt & pepper like I'm getting now. Thanks, Dad! icon_biggrin.gif