Yes, please!
From my experience it seems that more men don't recognize their nipples as an erogenous zone than do. One flick of the tongue or graze of the teeth and they're swooning. Without fail I've found that a little carefully-exerted force on the nipp knobs can send a guy's member from "semi" to "raging." icon_smile.gif You don't expect that strong of a reaction from somebody who's had the same thing done to them many times.
Then you of course also have the dudes who are all about nipple play, with the piercings and artificially extended knobs to prove it. But unlike fellas who've adorned their ears or gotten "body art" they aren't all that numerous.
As for me, I'm into the high-voltage rush a skilled nipple-nibbler can bring on. And you'd better believe I love being the one providing that rush, along with pec squeezes.
Our nipples may not have been put there by nature to help nourish our young. But unlike the appendix they can definitely serve a function!

So! What say you? Do giving chest/nipple stimulation, taking it, both, or neither work?