I will never forget the words my drill sergeant screamed at us the first day of basic training: "We all bleed red", he yelled into our faces. He was in the middle of a speech against racism, but to me his statement meant more than just race.

Whether we are black, white, tan, ginger, gay, straight, bisexual, christian, muslim, atheist, man, woman, democrat, republican, or any of the other differences we are allotted as human beings we deserve to be held in high esteem and treated equally. No one should have the power to take that from us. We are the people and as a conglomerate we need to stand up as a whole and accept each other for who we are. We may never see eye to eye on a vast majority of issues, but we are still people. People with goals, wishes, hopes, dreams, families, and needs.

I truly feel that when we see each other for what we are at the very base of our person we can finally reach a state of equality. If only for the fact that it is true what he said, we do, without argument, all bleed red.