What do I do next, please share.

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    Jul 07, 2013 9:20 PM GMT
    Hello everyone!
    I do not know where to write to me. It all started in the 30th day of June, Vladimir Putin signed a law banning promotion of gay and lesbians. You've probably already heard about it on the news. We Russia soon goes to hell. Recently, homophobes start to humiliate and beat gay, even make a camera that would show all the social networks that would be a shame for gays. For me, it's too scary to continue to live in Russia, I feel as if Russia becomes the Soviet Union. You will read in the newspaper, but there in the Russian http://lenta.ru/articles/2013/07/05/каменскуральский And yet another article about anti-gay. I do not understand what it was Putin signed up? That is, Putin - a homophobe! Our citizens' turns the Nazis - as if fashitizm. It is said that the government signed a law against gays, and then will make a sodomy law, read the article
    http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/% CC% F3% E6% E5% EB% EE% E6% F1% F2% E2% EE there on the Russian language.
    It will be worse in our Russia! I'm not completely navizhu Russia, I want to go abroad, who knows, you may consult. I can not continue to live in Russia, even people on the street Aggressive, angry and dark. I want to live abroad. I will write about myself, deaf since childhood, cute. Basically I want to escape from Russia to the U.S., how can I turn to? Please share with us.

    Best regards, Dmitry
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    Jul 07, 2013 9:39 PM GMT
    I have no idea.
    This is a frightening story.
    I hope someone can give you some good advice.
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    Jul 07, 2013 11:19 PM GMT
    JohnSpotter saidI have no idea.
    This is a frightening story.
    I hope someone can give you some good advice.

    What you do not understand what I wrote? I guess that you're not watching on TV, or you do not have a channel for Russian program.

    Here, read: June 11 Russian Duma has legitimized the superiority of heterosexual man over homosexual.The Duma has legalized LGBT bullying, the Duma has legitimized thousands of deaths LGBT teenagers.Deputies of Russian Duma adopted the law of segregation directed against the promotion of homosexuality among minors

    This law will forbid to speak positively about homosexuality, and allow the promotion of hatred and fascism against the LGBT community. Now Russia is very strong harassment and intimidation of LGBT people. It is already known about the 7 cases of murder. On this basis, we, the undersigned, ask you to add to Magnitsky list or apply other international sanctions to Mr Putin as he signed this law on June 30. As well as to the deputies E. Mizulina, O. Batalina, S.Zheleznyak

    link: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/add-mr-putin-magnitsky-list-he-signed-anti-gay-law/lXMW0w17
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    Jul 07, 2013 11:33 PM GMT
    I understand it all.
    I wish I had some good advice for you but I'm saying I wouldn't know what to do if I was there.
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    Jul 07, 2013 11:41 PM GMT
    JohnSpotter saidI understand it all.
    I wish I had some good advice for you but I'm saying I wouldn't know what to do if I was there.

    Thank you for your response
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    Jul 07, 2013 11:44 PM GMT
    NEWS: http://www.kvir.ru/articles/valite-iz-rossii-ili.html
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    Jul 08, 2013 6:23 AM GMT
    See if you can make your way across the border to another country that will not persecute you. Then work and save and eventually make your way to the US or another country where you can live free.
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    Jul 08, 2013 7:10 AM GMT
    At present, my thoughts are with you people...
    as I'm young, inexperienced & don't know much about Russia laws etc. I couldn't advice you much, though I have a couple of ideas...I'm not confident about them.

    Be strong.
    we're having some difficulties in our nation. But not as serious as you people or in Islamic nations.

    I want to ask you a question...
    is it only the government which is against us or common citizens are also against?
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    Jul 09, 2013 8:20 AM GMT
    GAMRican saidSee if you can make your way across the border to another country that will not persecute you. Then work and save and eventually make your way to the US or another country where you can live free.
    Thanks for the advice. If I make my way to another country, such as in Europe, there will only stay in Europe because of the underground. Filed in immigrant service that would permit of residence and work, and then get European citizenship, then the path to the U.S.. I wrote it right? Or do the way to Europe, and then after working for a year to save up money and go to the U.S.?
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    Jul 09, 2013 8:33 AM GMT
    Harry7785 saidAt present, my thoughts are with you people...
    as I'm young, inexperienced & don't know much about Russia laws etc. I couldn't advice you much, though I have a couple of ideas...I'm not confident about them.

    Be strong.
    we're having some difficulties in our nation. But not as serious as you people or in Islamic nations.

    I want to ask you a question...
    is it only the government which is against us or common citizens are also against?
    Yes, I understand that each country has its own laws. Yes, our government has signed a law against the promotion of gay men and lesbians, too ordinary citizens - homophobes connect this law against gays and lesbians.
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    Jul 09, 2013 8:34 AM GMT
    NEWS: SOS! Need a maximum repost! You can not leave it so!
    Do what you want?

    Whether any methods are good in the fight for morality? It seems that the participants based Maxim Marcinkiewicz (aka Slasher) movement "Occupy-pedofilyay" and his creative followers - Activists "Occupy-gerontofilyay" - do not think about it. First catch in social networks "pedophile" on the so-called "bait" - dummy underage boys, while the latter are engaged in the search for children who are ready for the money to have sex with adults. Those and other "re-educated" caught, removing the camera and laying records online (more on that here). Such is the amateur vice squad out of the traditional activities of the police ...

    Followers of the wrestlers with a lot of intergenerational sex. In the social network "VKontakte" on demand "Occupy-pedofilyay" Today you can find 359 groups. "Gerontofilyaevtsev" while only 14.

    Torture as a new trend

    I was most interested in the Ural activists (countrymen after all). Having studied a group of "Occupy-pedofilyay Kamensk-Uralsk," I found out that there are raging childish passion. For example, in the video "The Fugitive-loser" is clearly visible as a man caught electroshock torture, gush into his eyes from the spray, beat in the apartment, beat on the street, and kicked in the face. All this action takes place under the incessant mat. In the comments under another video Leo fancy, leader kamensk-Ural, reports that the victim was poured into the rectum foam core - that (and I quote) "in point batter could not."

    Ural okkupaevtsy "work" not only on those who are caught in the correspondence with minors. For example, in this video champions of morality brought an unknown young man in the cemetery at night and half an hour was forced to confess to the "blueness".

    From Eugene, one of the victims of okkupaevtsev Kamenska Ural guys, I was able to talk. It did not take off. It simply for nothing attacked in the street.

    Eugene: June 14th I had to go to the railway station district. Called friend, with whom he studied at the Teachers' College. Took a trip together, did things and went for a walk. On the area of ​​the Lenin Komsomol waited for transport. This girl is dating a guy from the "Occupy-pedofilyay." He feels a personal dislike to me - although we never saw each other. Based on the opinions of others, he decided that I was gay, and it's terrible that his girlfriend is talking to me.

    So, we sat down on a bench to wait for transport. Suddenly the guy attacked me. Smote his hands in the face and kicked in the body ... When I started bleeding from the nose and the century of the wounded, he stopped. I moved away to a safe distance. There sat a couple with a child. Gave a handkerchief. I asked them to phone numbers, requested to be seen - they refused. After 10 minutes, three men approached. They began to ask me questions obscene and shoot me on the phone.

    LK: What was asked?

    Eugene: "When did you become gay? Engage in anal and oral sex?" Passers-by explaining that I supposedly gay and in the future become a pedophile. Some people engage in dialogue and even laughed. Next two tried to shove me into the car. They said they want to interview, I'll go with them. I dodged and caught at a shop ... The woman who was waiting for transport, shouted, causing the police and began to dial. Hearing this, they began to talk about what they do not have problems, quickly got into the car and drove away. The woman managed to write down the number.

    ... The police took a statement from me, gave ticket of acceptance, listened to and recorded the explanation. Sent to the emergency room. The girl that was with me, went and came back with two guys. After 50 minutes.

    LK: Threatened?

    Eugene: Well, yes. They asked me to take a statement, as it is to me as "profitable." They said that could happen to me something is the same. There was mention of a law on the promotion and said that now any positive or neutral attitude towards LGBT crime that normal people should do as they do. That under the new law, my very existence - propaganda and dangerous for their children. That all gays and lesbians sooner or later become pedophiles ...

    LK: Do not picked a statement?

    Eugene: None. This story is still not over, the police called me, told the court that the case was transferred to the court, my representative shall carry my application to adjourn the trial ... And I left, I'm in another city.

    So degenerate nation

    I talked to two people involved in these two movements. Alexander S. 14, he works "bait" in the "Occupy-pedofilyay", 16-year-old Maxim M. - the administrator of the "Occupy-gerontofilyay" in "VKontakte".

    LK: How did you hear about the move? Why did you decide to participate in it?

    Alexander S.: From the Internet. About half a year just watching commercials "Occupy-pedofilyay" transmission with Maxim "Slasher" Marcinkiewicz. Decided to participate for two reasons. First, I wanted to break the life of the pedophile. Second, familiarity with the cleaver (I share with him the same political views - National Socialism).

    Maxim M.: On repost on page one person from the team Tesak, I liked the idea, and I decided to somehow help the project.

    LK The main objective of the project?

    A. S.: There are several: to break the life of the pedophile, promoting healthy sexual orientation and national socialism.

    MM: reeducate young boys who are willing to surrender money from an early age!

    LK How is fishing rights?

    MM: Registering for Free Men (pedophile), give advertisements in gay groups, and then write their own underage gay. Fishing is as follows: "pedophile" (dummy) suitable for the boy, and they go with him to a place where they are met by a group of people with cameras and conduct an interrogation.

    A. Sh: Catching a pedophile (I do not consider them human beings) is as follows. I am filing a fake web account at "VKontakte" I go into the community - the "Gay 14 +", "Children-404", "Gay 13", write ads that want to meet you. Next, I write pedophiles who call the amount for which they want to take advantage of me. I appoint a meeting or in an apartment, or on one of the beaches (the name will not pop off). There I meet with them, leading to talk on the topic "What will we do," "what you want to try," etc. At a time when the pedophile reveals his plan, I open the door or the guys who were standing in the hallway, or if it's on the beach, I bring straight to the cleaver.

    LK: Alexander, you told me that you're so caught deputy head of the Moscow Region of the Federal Bailiff Andrew Kaminov ...

    S. A. Yes. The scheme has been a standard, all the action took place in an apartment on the street Krasnokazarmennaya. Before the bailiff we caught two pedophiles. Waited for the third. He came, called me. We installed the camera before he came, and I went out to meet him. Entered the apartment, he gave me a thousand rubles - as he said, "for all" (ie oral, anal sex). We tried to play a scheme that I want to try group sex, and my brother also wants to (in the role of his brother made another "bait" of our project). Let "brother" in the apartment. But something went wrong: either the client noticed the camera, or a confused view of Philip (he was in Crews Tor Steiner, on it were painted runes), and he began to move down to the real purpose of their visit. Then everything is in the release of "Occupy-pedofilyay" "Randy police officer."

    LK: But the case against him and did not create, because your parents were against it, right?

    A. S.: Yes, my parents did not want contact with the investigative committee and the court, but we found a compromise. They wrote a statement of the fact that my rights during questioning and in court, provided the person from custody services.

    LK: Sasha, how are your parents to your "work"?

    A. Sh: Fairly neutral (statements do not want to write.) But the activity itself approve.

    LK: D
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    Jul 09, 2013 8:38 AM GMT
    LK: Do you think that it is able to reduce the number of pedophiles?

    A. Sh: Really reduces (by itself I remember that even at 11 years after the registration of "VKontakte" I once wrote a two or three-uncle Edward with different issues). Now this is not, they are really afraid now to go to us. On one of the safari of the six planned came two. Also, these measures terribly afraid of them. And many leave their bad habits (remove accounts from which they are looking for boys).

    LK: Some people believe that the adherents of the movement violate the laws of Russia, in particular the Criminal Code (for example, used physical force to catch a). Do you agree with that?

    A. Sh: Anyone who thinks so, sooner or later get caught in the bathroom, which I did cer ...

    As for as I am for violence against pedophiles. I'm not against it. On my own, I would have killed each caught a pedophile (cruelty of death depends on the particular hatred for "Edward"). I, and Maxim [Marcinkiewicz. - LK], generally put something on all these laws that have the bailiff to six years - only! - For the fact that he, being the performance, I was trying to [obscene symbol of homosexual intercourse] without oil for a thousand rubles.

    MM: No physical force is not! Our project does not violate the Criminal Code, and all those who speak it, and there are homosexuals.

    LK: Do you think it is permissible to break the law to eventually catch the culprit?

    MM: I think that is acceptable, but we have no such.

    LK: By the way, why in both the "Occupy" in 99% of cases are caught the boy on a man (or vice versa)? Never seen a movie where a little girl caught in the adult male. But the majority of sex crimes against minors committed by so ...

    A. Sh: We will feel great anguish if we catch anyone who wants a cell phone for [obscene sex symbol] 13-14-15-year-old girl whose breasts third dimension ... He [the obscene designation bad man] but not a pedophile. Real pedophile can catch only a maximum of a 13-year-old girl if she looks like a child. But the problem is that, first, no one will give us a child, and secondly, I'm not sure that the 11-year-old girl will be able to separate the man from sex, and thirdly, they will not be interested in catching - they basically look cartoons, instead of "Occupy-pedofilyay."

    MM: Why do we catch the girls who have sex for money? It is normal for me so. A pedophile has been a different person.

    LK: I mean underage girls. Is that normal?

    MM: The girls are more difficult to interview, they have the mentality of the weak, I think so. Well, we only work on the boys, there are many more.

    LK: What do you feel if your movie hero kill himself?

    MM: One whore will be less ... But that will not happen!

    A. Sh: feel great joy for the fact that it was because I had committed to the life of another member of the gay community.

    LK gay community? So we're talking about pedophiles or gay?

    A. Sh: I'm a homophobe. If the law were allowed to catch gay, then I would catch gay. I believe that there are two kinds of gays: who are not afraid to come into the bathroom to the boy, and are afraid.

    LK I understand why they hate pedophiles. But what's wrong with gay people that the children do not climb?

    A. Sh: First, it leads to the degeneration of my nation. Second, it's disgusting to me.

    MM: I'm gay too bad, because that man should not sleep with a man. And the Bible is against it!

    LK: Maxim, because you are a believer?

    MM: I do not know how to say. Not really a believer.

    LK: Alexander, I still do not understand it, you are struggling with pedophiles or gay. You initially said you hate pedophiles, and then - that would catch gay ...

    A. Sh: I hate and gay, and pedophiles. If we have laws to punish for [obscene symbol of homosexual intercourse], we would have caught and gays. But unfortunately ... Although we catch a young gay prostitutes [meaning the project "Occupy-gerontofilyay." - LK].

    LK: And you do not feel sorry for them? I'm talking about minor. Do not you think that a person has the right to make mistakes, so do with it - too harsh?

    A. Sh: None. None at all regretted. Even those who really need the money.

    LK: Quiz last. Going to serve in the army?

    MM: No, why waste a year?

    A. Sh: None. I do not have absolutely no desire to spend a whole year without benefit to themselves and the community is surrounded by unpleasant to me people from the Caucasus.

    LK: What about the future profession?

    A. S.: To be determined.

    MM: I have not thought about it.

    LK: My favorite book?

    A. Sh Two - "Master and Margarita" by Bulgakov, "restructuring" Maxim Marcinkiewicz.

    MM: "restructuring." A very interesting book, life.

    LK motto, favorite quote?

    A. S.: There is no such.

    MM: "Do what you want."

    What is the purpose - and these funds ...

    Among my friends activity "okkupaytsev" evokes a variety of emotions. Andrew N. (28 years old), a psychologist, speaks of them differently as "bandits", "I'm their video (sword and regional) look for a long time. Slasher When started, and they did not have a good camera, then he is under the first vidyuha The apparatus asked for money to transfer to electronic wallets! And now he, I think, the ruble millionaire ... Pyramids financial builds its spud fools. "

    About the money and the freelancer says Paul A. (35 years old): "Invitation to a safari paid. I saw: 350 rubles. Salvage shear. Way, Slasher, do you think, out of nowhere came up with the idea? Sitting and choose on what raspiarena. Pedophiles - is an explosive topic, and even the Kremlin is promoting her ... Bingo! Money, fame, crowds of small cattle around. Actually, it seems, the country goes to the fact that they will soon be on the video to kill gays, shoot it - and it is for nothing will. We live in a Nazi country ... Watch the video "Chuvash and anti-fascist" - there Slasher in vestments and with the cross, how pop! interrogate the type of pedophiles. Interestingly, it does not offend any believers? lies in open access ... "
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    Jul 09, 2013 8:42 AM GMT
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    Jul 09, 2013 2:30 PM GMT
    NEWS: http://rusnovosti.ru/news/271248

    Trans-Baikal MP offered to return to the article of the Criminal Code for sodomy
    As said on the air, "Russian news service" deputy of the Legislative Assembly Trans-Baikal region, Alexander Mikhailov, you need to begin with the measure.

    "I'm going to make such laws to disgrace it was not raining out of the screens and do not educate our generation. I propose to begin with the return of articles in the Criminal Code for sodomy. Then maybe treat. Maybe someone else has, "- he said.

    Previously, he proposed the creation of the union, which will deal with the "defense of the rights of citizens affected by the gay and pedophiles."

    Create Join Mikhailov, he said, he decided after the defender Viktor Cherkasov asked the prosecutor's office to check homophobic statements of the deputy. With such a request the head of the Human Rights Centre of Chita addressed at the beginning of July.

    Trans-Baikal MP known for its unusual initiatives against sexual minorities. Previously, he suggested "flogging" of gays.