Have you seen or just had an encounter with a spirit?

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    Jul 11, 2013 5:53 AM GMT
    I had an encounter with a spirit in Bali. I felt and heard it's presence. Long story later if needed. But it didn't like gay people and screamed to me while I was sleeping and gave me an animated visual of the crime for being gay in the ancient Balinese court system. Lights were turned on in the room and the room was freezing cold when I sat up in bed. Later that day my friend pointed out a picture to me on an old court ceiling painted on stone I think or maybe carved.

    Some people see spirits. I can't imagine seeing the one I encountered. He was pretty vicious to me.

    What have been your experiences? Visual or situational like mine?

    PS. I found the crime for being gay in a book after doing research on the old balinese courthouse. Death by being eaten by a wild boar.

    My neighbor had a spirit play jokes on her. Like making hot water come out of her shower's cold faucet. and plug christmas tree lights in a cause fake sparks. Turn the heater on in summer.
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    Jul 12, 2013 5:01 AM GMT
    While I was sick and feverish in the Indian city of Cochi, I hallucinated Shiva. We had a conversation which I think was extremely important in the making of my present outlook on life, though I cannot remember most of it.

    I don't actually believe that this encounter with Shiva took place in any kind of verifiable, empirical sense -- but the human mind is complex, and simply because something is not real outside the mind does not mean it is not meaningful.