“H”, “e”, “y” are the three letters that begin this night of unbridled passion.
The flow of conversation goes from subtle pleasantries to innate carnal desires.

“How are you?” becomes synonymous with “DTF?”.
All these sentences and strings of words hinting at lustful blemishes on the surface of sanctity.

We meet
We converse, while our bodies draw closer together and clothing seemingly falls at the seams

You touch me and I cringe
With anxiety and anticipation

Will what I offer be enough for you
Or will use what you can get and leave me for something more?

What does it matter in the rapture of one night.


The dance of intense heat and movement begins as our bodes intertwine
The explosion of euphoria erupts and to the stars we sing our song of love..

But is it truly love or just fleeting desire being sated for the time being?
The sweat of our interaction staining the bed sheets beneath our collapsed bodies.

For only a moment are we settled and touching without the whispers of sex in our ears.

The moment passes..
You begin to dress and motion me to do the same

What was once the bond of two souls sharing an intense moment together
Has now degraded to a “quickie” for the night

Will you remember me or will you only recall your demons within the twilight?

The door opens before me as you usher me outside and give your goodbyes.

Will you remember me?
Or shall I just be another stain upon your sheets?

Oh, but what does it matter.. for it is only the rapture of one night.