One of the sketches I am writing for my webseries involves a same sex couple enrolling their child into a Catholic school. Obviously I'm not Catholic or any sort of religion so I can't see the compulsion to want to send your child to a religious private school. But apparently this is 'a thing' now according to some of the articles I've been reading. Some opponents believe that gay parents who want to send their children to Catholic schools are doing it just to start trouble. Whereas on the pro side apparently there's a large amount of Catholic gays who do want their children to have the same religious upbringing they did. Then there's people who want to send their kids to these kind of schools for the same reason non Catholics send their kids: the secular side of the education is really good.

This kind of reminds me of a situation involving my best friend and her son. She and her husband though straight aren't religious. She's a Pagan and he is Roman Catholic on paper but the last time he's been in a church was decades ago. One of the better private schools in our area is a Trinity Lutheran school. Neither of them really care about the religious side of things but my friend was starting to get annoyed because they were teaching her son prayers and shit like that and she doesn't believe in that. I told her that was to be expected. There wasn't much she could do about it besides pull him off which she did but because they moved.

A lot of the religious schools tend to have good programs and such but if I were the child of same sex or unmarried parents I'd feel awkward. And if I were the parents I wouldn't want to expose them to shit they didn't have to deal with.

But what's your opinion on it?