Girl's Guide on How to Mind Fuck with a Man

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    Jul 16, 2013 1:41 PM GMT
    CAN'T.... DYING.... BRB.....

    1.Do not call or text him first; only respond to texts and calls; If you shall miss a call, text him back until he calls you again. Never call him, you do not want to be in his received calls.

    2.Never tell him you miss him! If he asks tell him you don’t answer questions of those natures.

    3.Never tell him you like him! If he asks tell him that you pick up his calls and return his texts so that should be good enough.

    4.Keep the questions you ask him limited; let him mostly ask you all the questions, but do ask him something every once in awhile.

    5.Never concern yourself with how his day was or what he is currently doing.

    6.If he begins to argue with you just say “okay” or “yeah yeah”, you really don’t care about him so no need to ruin your blood pressure over a man.

    7.Whenever he mentions how he will never hurt you and treat you different tell him you know he would.

    8.No pet names.

    9.If he asks you did you think of him today, respond with yeah I thought about what you were doing.

    10.Never let your guard down.

    11.If he says your playing games; tell him you just go into every situation with your guard up and expecting the worst.

    12.If he says that you don’t have to have your guard up with him; tell him well we’ll see.

    13.If he texts you and asks you will you be up later; tell him you don’t know. Never plan on his time.

    14.If it gets silent on the phone; you remain silent until he starts up the conversation; if he doesn’t tell him your phone is dying.

    15.Never hang with him in public or private.

    16.If you have to see him in public never touch him in no form or matter.

    17.Let him know your life is busy so he won’t get mad when he wants to hang.

    18.If he seems impatient tell him he was never patient to began with.

    19.Let him know you don’t jump into relationships; be honest about past activities.
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    Jul 16, 2013 1:49 PM GMT
    Your university student council had political parties?