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    Jul 19, 2013 11:01 PM GMT
    If you can handle your liquor this forum might not apply to you. I found out the hard way binge drinking can be lethal. If it tastes strong, theres lots of liquor per volume. I just sip and let my drinks absorb before i order another now. Anybody a recovering alcoholic and want to share your progress?
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    Jul 20, 2013 12:02 AM GMT
    Alcoholism is a disease. I don't know that an alcoholic can really ever drink again without slowly letting the demon take over again. I suppose one could if they say, 'I will only drink a maximum of 3 drinks in one sitting every 6 months' and then they stick to that. The problem is, is that those 3 drinks turn into, 'ahh, just one more won't be a big deal', and then it becomes, 'oh, I did fine last week, I if just have one drink this week it won't be a big deal', and so it keep going on and on, until you find yourself back again where you left off when you last quit. Some can do it ... probably most can't. It takes a lot of will power. If you failed at quitting smoking, then you will probably also fail at quitting drinking, or doing drugs -- if you start again. Besides, that shit makes you look old.
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    Jul 20, 2013 12:17 AM GMT
    I have a friend who's an alcoholic. He was forced by court order to get a Breathalizer on his car. He'll reframe from drinking a couple of months, then decides he will only have one drink. And he actually stops at that one drink, but then the next time he drinks, he ends up drinking an entire liquor store. I'm the only person who has not given him the ultimatum that he can't drink around them becauseI don't think it's my place to parent him. I just tell him I don't care how much you drink, I only care how you treat me. And of course I'm worried about his health too. I refuse to enable him and I think that infuriates part of him but I also think he appreciates it too.

    Is it possible for an alcoholic to ever get to the point where they drink responsibly?