Okay, so this is a translation, in good faith, of the article I found on gayrussia.ru. It's just a demonstration of the rhetoric of the anti-gay meadia. Please don't take it seriously. Note that the colour blue is associated with gays. My comments in [brackets].

In a series of homophobic articles, aimed against the recognition of LGBT rights, the newspaper Arguments and Facts published the article "More equal than others: What exactly do sexual minorities want?" on June 21, which states that homosexuals are ill people who are demanding to be recognised as normal.
"During the last few decades we have been told that homosexuality is normal. Gays and lesbians kiss and walk hand-in-hand on the streets, and on stage and on TV they are practically the majority. There they are stars, who promote their lifestyle to millions of people. Regular people, whom they call heterosexual, seem to no longer be regarded equally..." reads the article.
"It is easy to notice the fact that the fight is aggressive. Not a single civilized nation has discriminatory laws against sexual minorities: the right to work, freedom, protection of life, health care, and so forth. However, they demad separate laws, laws exclusively for themselves. They demand SPECIAL behaviour towards themselves..." it is asserted in the text.
"Well fine, let's suppose that they have won. Everything that they desire and demand has been granted. Waht next? What will happen to humanity? In 20 or 150 years time? Would it happen that eventually traditional families would be in the minority? Where would children come from then? And does our world have a future in this case?" asks the article.
"Does that mean that Europe will simply become die off and Islam shall conquer her? Another question arises: Why did sexual minorities become so aggressive? What is this: A worsening of an internal disorder, a further deterioration of their psychological condition? Why do they force themselves on normal people with such determination?"
"According to many doctors [who?] same-sex love is not a harmless deviation, but an illness. And an illness, that can be TREATED" asserts the paper, quoting the charlatan homophobe Jan Holland, who supposedly cures homosexuals.
"'Blue [gay] blood' is a disorder of attraction. Just like zoophilia and necrophilia. except that zoophiles don't hold pride parades, and necrophiles prefer to keep their preferences out of sight. This is exactly like drug addiction of alcoholism. If a person recognises that he has a disorder, this provides him with powerful motivation to be cured, to start a heterosexual family, to have children and lead a normal life. And he can be helped along the way. But if he accepts his inclinations and m worse, takes pleasure in them, it is useless to treat him," says Holland.
"We end up with a paradoxical situation: the sick demand equal right with the healthy. But those who have pediculosis [lice], venerial infections, or leprosy don't ask to be equated with healthy people, and don't promote that their disease is normal. On the contrary, they seek to become cured. Wh yis it then that sick people here try to turn normal people into themselves?" says the article indignantly.
"What can the legalisation of same-sex marriages and adoption of children by such 'families' lead to? And how will the 'adoption' play out on the children themselves? Is it true that such prossesses deform the psyches of normal people and break their moral foundations? [I fell off my chair laughing] And in the long run does this prossess lead to the degradation of humanity, in the moral and physical sense? what is this: the road to catastrophe?" the article poses these 'rhetorical' questions.

I hope you enjoyed it.