Chicago Gay Bars Nix Russian Vodka to Protest Country's Anti-Gay Laws

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    Jul 25, 2013 9:01 PM GMT
    Russian vodka in a Chicago gay bar? Nyet.

    In response to the passage of anti-gay laws in Russia — and subsequent clashes between police and gay activists there — some Chicago gay bars are pulling Russian vodka and other spirits from their offerings in protest.

    Want a Stoli on the rocks at Sidetrack at 3349 N. Halsted? Choose again.

    As first reported by Windy City Times, the bar posted on its Facebook Wednesday:

    "Tonight you might notice that Sidetrack has removed Stolichnaya Vodka from our shelves. Sidetrack cannot support a brand so associated with Russia at a time when Russia is implementing (against strong world criticism) it's anti-gay law that bans gay 'propaganda'... So starting immediately we will not sell Stoli or any other Russian products at Sidetrack."

    Sidetrack's owner, Art Johnston, said he has received overwhelmingly positive feedback after Wednesday's decision to pull the brand. Stoli is the only Russian-brand alcohol Sidetrack carried, Johnston said.
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    Jul 25, 2013 9:02 PM GMT
    Excellent idea ... hit them in he pocket book