" mom I'm sorry".

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    Jul 28, 2013 2:27 PM GMT
    Growing up in a strict Muslim household Omar knew he was gay but he just thought if he could manage to stay low-profile people then no one would notice.
    . That’s what Omar used to think, well until that night when Omar's mom called him on the phone and in choked voice tune she asked "Omar are you gay"? Hello!.. Omar answer me, is it true? Are you a homosexual? Hello!.
    . Just don't come …

    And the phone was hung………

    Driving back from a romantic night out with his closeted boyfriend, Omar began to contemplate his life as he hit the gas harder and harder and his brain was overtaken by a sudden rush of mixed feeling and he started to plunge thoughts.
    Did he forget to take his foot off the gas peddle?
    Or did he just think it was no longer worth it?
    No one knows…
    Suddenly something in his life was mystified and he couldn't pinpoint it.
    The voice of his teary mom over the phone had impacted him so much but he somehow managed to slow down and pulled over to the side of the empty long road just stared out the window.
    A thin layer of clouds was beneath the moon.
    In his imagination, Omar thought about what it would be like if he could just pray for this to go away. But he knew that wasn't gonna happen, as he had prayed for his gayness to go away about a million times before,but he was just drawn into his sadness as he considered this.
    . For the first time, Omar realized that he has was alone, homeless and hated.

    Life became irrelevant to him..
    His last words written on a piece of napkin said"
    " mom I'm sorry".
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    Jul 28, 2013 3:06 PM GMT
    If this a reflection of your life then you better not do something foolish. If you have any friends start making plans to exit outta there. And stay at a friends house.
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    Jul 28, 2013 3:33 PM GMT
    Why is Omar sorry? That's like being sorry for being born with the "wrong" color hair or eyes. Makes no sense. The person who should be sorry is his mother for being a closed minded bigoted idiot. Unlike being gay, people aren't born Muslim or any other religion. THAT is a choice and within it there is always the choice to hate or not hate. People who choose hate over acceptance and love are fools.