did i have sex or not

  • Jul 31, 2013 8:07 PM GMT
    Okay gentlemen, this might sound crazy, and it probably is, but i'm not very stable right now and need some guidance. Sensible guidance please.

    okay, so i have been meeting random guys off the internet, sites like grindr etc. The other night i met a guy and we began fooling around, (in the name of experimentation). I should also mention i've never had sex. I've had oral sex but never taken it or given it so to speak. So anyway, I ended up letting this guy rub his dick against my ass etc. Then he mentioned i should sit on top of him so i have more control which i did. Trouble is, when i sat back i felt his dick hit a very sensitive part down there, it felt like he was about to go in, or part way in or i dunno. I didn't actually want anything like sex to happen, which he knew and i had explained. Now i do have OCD etc and aren't very stable i suppose, so anyway i freaked out scared his dick had gone in, even a little. He mentioned that i would know without a doubt if it went in or not and that it DIDN"T. I don't think it did, but then again my anxiety gets the better of me and i think to myself, 'maybe it went partway in' which to me counts kinda, but then again i mentioned it to a close friend of mine and she too said that i would have felt it go in if it did and that i sounds like it just touched the opening which is very sensitive.

    Anyway, its been a few days, i know it sounds crazy but for those of you who have done it maybe you can shed some insight as to what i felt that made it feel senstive, is the opening like super sensitive or something? Maybe i just have to stop being so anxious. I just don't want to have sex for religious reasons but also only want to have it with someone who it will mean something with ya know. More than just experimentation.

    I also know it was stupid to meet with random guys off the internet and have resolved not to do that again, deleting the apps. I just find i want to meet guys but have reservations about it too. Life is messed up, but if anyone could shed some light on my above experience I would appreciate it.
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    Jul 31, 2013 11:16 PM GMT
    Playing around, foreplay...NOT sex....go to a therapist or you personal Doctor for some meds to help with your OCD and anxiety....really.icon_rolleyes.gif
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    Aug 01, 2013 4:06 AM GMT

    "I've had oral sex.."

    That means that you've sex.

    To be clearer, you are speaking about anal penetrative sex.

    ..and you have NOT had anal penetrative sex.

    For a comparative example,let's consider kissing. Lip to lip kissing is NOT french kissing. Get my drift? icon_wink.gif