36 Senators Introduce Bill Prohibiting Virtually Any New Law Helping Workers

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    Aug 02, 2013 3:47 PM GMT
    36 Senators Introduce Bill Prohibiting Virtually Any New Law Helping Workers

    It’s named the “Enumerated Powers Act of 2013,” a reference to the provisions of the Constitution outlining Congress’ specific powers, and it claims to require all federal legislation to “’contain a concise explanation of the specific authority in the Constitution’ that is the basis for its enactment.”

    "While the bill does not apply retroactively — so existing labor laws would continue to function — the bill does allow a procedural objection to be raised against any new legislation that does not comply with the limits imposed by the bill. Such an objection could be used to block any most attempts to enact new workplace laws — such as a bill increasing the national minimum wage or a bill prohibiting all employers from firing workers because they are gay. Similarly, Coburn and Paul’s bill could permanently entrench decisions by the conservative Roberts Court rolling back existing protections for workers — such as a recent decision shielding many employers whose senior employees engage in sexual harassment."

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    Aug 02, 2013 10:36 PM GMT
    Why bother? The Roberts' Court consistently finds in favor of big business.

    [Legal scholars] say the court leaned unmistakably to the right — and came down consistently on the side of big business.

    The justices made it more difficult to bring class-action suits against companies, raised the bar for workers to win discrimination claims and protected pharmaceutical companies against people who say they were harmed by defective generic drugs.