Is it possible to tell a man Everything you like without coming off as a whore?

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    Aug 06, 2013 4:21 AM GMT
    Haha ok I'm in the middle of chatting with a guy who was only ever looking for sex... and I knew this, but I don't want it, I just like talking haha

    We are going back and forth saying what we like and the guy is cute so I am trying to change it to more serious subjects but he literally just told me he wants a "whore"... icon_confused.gif and Oh wait now "im sitting on a towel on the couch naked right now"


    Yeah.. No, Not Gonnna Happen but yeah I play along

    Anyways this has me thinking!

    Can You..... Tell..... COMFORTABALY.. a Man you Really care about Everything you want sexually without scaring him off, making you sound like a Ho, or limiting the relationship to just sex

    I don't think anyone here is truly 100% vanilla

    I know waiting for the relationship to progress first may help but it may just be the deal breaker for him..

    SOoo Discuss!

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    Aug 06, 2013 4:31 AM GMT
    failscarf saidDoes he care is the important issue.

    Huh? You mean like someone randomly telling their partner what they want from sex when the other person doesn't even care?.... If so, I can see that.. I see girls do this A Lot. SOOOO annoying and disgusting