Political Animation Techniques 101: The LGBT Charity Film That Hopes To Change The World

Using animation to change the world… This is the hope of an award-winning group of Boston-based filmmakers and artists currently creating a Pro-LGBT short film entitled STITCH. Written and directed by Emerson College senior Michael Iemma, the film is a coming-of-age adventure story about the bitter-sweet nature of growing up and letting go. And as the film will be brought to life through the intricate art of stop-motion animation, every element in it will be completely crafted by hand.

Yet beyond being a massively intricate and elaborate creative endeavor in itself, STITCH also carries with it a strong message concerning the LGBT fight for equal representation through mainstream film and television. “Often times,” says Michael, “gay characters are used merely as stereotyped, stock figures, devoid of any depth or complexity, to accent a preexisting storyline. Beyond that, few representation of gay life are ever featured in the mainstream. The story of STITCH focuses on an honest and poignant relationship between two young gay men. By actively creating honest representations of gay life in media, and through animation of all mediums, we can begin to remove the stereotyped lens through which the mainstream perceives gay life.”

In this way the political message of STITCH transcends the limits of its narrative structure to make a powerful commentary on a very big issue of our time. Without art like this, which directly goes against the grain of what the mainstream has deemed acceptable, we cannot possibly hope to break down these outdated and unfair restrictions placed on the representation of an entire community of people.

And in addition to this, all proceeds from STITCH will go directly back into LGBT charity endeavors.

Currently, Michael and his team are raising funds for the film from now until September 5th 2013 through an online fundraising campaign hosted by Indiegogo.com. The campaign has already received considerable attention, and has been supported by Margaret Cho, the California-based Courage Campaign, and the notable independent film website Indiereign.com, to name a few. If you would like to find out more about STITCH and its creative team, as well as how to contribute, visit: