Self-Esteem / Self-Focus: OVERRATED

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    Aug 09, 2013 1:03 PM GMT
    I have never really been impressed by high self-esteem or the search for it. I prefer humility. This article from Scientific American seems to agree with me

    On that note, whenever somebody used to say to me "focus on yourself" I used to just somehow cringe, because I am convinced true happiness comes not from focusing on the self, but on others. This Harvard research seems to agree with that, telling us that people are happier when they spend money not on themselves, but on others.

    Self-Esteem and self-focus are highly overrated in this society (and website). I am pretty sure our grandparents never even thought of talking about such things

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    Aug 09, 2013 2:14 PM GMT
    Your completely Wrong dude.

    I used to be a nice guy back in the day. You know the nice guy that people dont give a shit about and everyone walks over just because your so nice to people and borderline stupid and take too much shit from people that they end up being happy and your left miserable.

    Yep i was that guy. Life was not so bright, didnt have that many friends and the ones i had i was better off without them because of the way i was being Treated.

    A few years back i woke up one day with the sudden realization of. WHAT THE FUCK? Why the fuck should i give a shit about people who couldnt even care less? Im not fucking living my life for anyone else on this planet I only get ONE shot at it and no matter what im going to please myself and do what i want from now on.

    Then on, stopped giving a shit about people, started taking care of myself, started looking better acting different, not taking shit from anyone. I can't even begin to tell you have much my life has changed, for the better.

    Now soo many people lick my ass and suck up to me just so i can even just bother to communicate with them. I am gay and people know that but most girls still want my dick. Guys either try to compete with me or impress me. I have now seen how it is to live on this side and its great.

    Fuck what those scientists say, do you.
    Build self confidence
    Walk, think and act like you are the shit and you will go very far
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    Aug 09, 2013 2:15 PM GMT

    Uh, good self esteem and humility are not opposites. Think about it. icon_wink.gif