Sleep Patterns

  • Joeyphx444

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    Aug 10, 2013 4:50 PM GMT
    I am trying to wake up around 8:30-9am

    I am in bed around 2. I don't really know how long it takes me to fall asleep but I know that I get good sleep in the 6-7 hour range. However, I wake up too early. I don't even need to set an alarm. I wake up around 6:30-7am. This is not enough sleep but I wake up and then I go back to sleep for a few hours and get up at 9am but feel more tired than when I woke up early.

    How do I change this? I do not need to nor want to wake up this early right now. Should I just be GETTING up when I wake up?
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    Aug 10, 2013 7:54 PM GMT
    I was going to bed at 2 as well and doing the same as you; waking up early and then going back to sleep for an hour or two. But when I woke up the 2nd time I didn't feel tired. TMI: at my age the first wake up is because I need to piss.

    What I've done is set my alarm clock for 9 and force myself to get up when it goes off; no going back to sleep. When I wake up for the head call at 6 or whatever I go back to bed afterwards and go back to sleep.

    I'm still having trouble remembering to go to bed at midnight or thereabouts. My alarm clock has 2 alarms so I've just set the 2nd one for 11.

    I'm also taking melatonin shortly before I go to bed. I haven't found anything that says anything bad about it unless you take it for more than 3 months.