Weight-loss Success Stories

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    Sep 12, 2007 11:59 PM GMT
    I've always been interested in hearing about weight-loss success stories. If you've ever had to lose more than 20 pounds, how did you go about it and how quickly did you lose the weight? What type of diet and/or exercise program did you follow? Did you take any specific supplements? Please share your success stories here.
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    Sep 13, 2007 12:20 AM GMT
    I used to weigh like 165 or so (which is a lot for someone as short as myself). I was always chubby my whole life but when I got to college I put on like 25+ lb on top of what I had so it got bad. I did a few things..

    I didn't follow a specific diet, but I learned to cook, and made sure to eat only about 1300 or so calories daily. Since I learned to cook I was now able to make large meals with relatively few calories so that part wasn't hard, and I still do it when I put on a few extra pounds.

    Second, I started going to the gym, and also running outside. Started weightlifting 4 days a week, and started to run 2 days a week. I could only run a very short distance (like 1/4 mile maybe haha), but I did at least two miles (run, walk, run, walk, etc) on each of those days, and kept trying to get farther with the initial run each time, until I could run the whole 2 mile distance, then moved up to 3 miles, then, 6 miles (and I've not tried to do more since I think 6 is enough for me).

    I also started walking everywhere instead of driving or taking busses. If it was within 2 or 3 miles, I walked. 3 miles is about 45 min to walk one way and 45 min back. It adds up quite quickly.

    Haven't used any supplements. I took protein for a month but it didn't do anything for me. I figured it doesn't work, but later I was told you have to take it for longer than a month for it to start working.. so maybe I'll give it a shot again in the future.

    I ended up dropping the first 20 lb within a month. I mean, that shit was fast as hell. After that I slowed down and lost another 10 lb but this took about 2 more months. Meanwhile I put on a little muscle too. I need to still lose another 10 lb of fat I'd say, but it has to also be replaced with muscle, but this has been eluding me for the past like two years. I just recently started a new routine over the summer that seemed to at least help me get off my strength plateu that I reached over the last year, but unfortunately with my shoulder injury I feel the gains slipping away :(.
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    Sep 13, 2007 12:32 AM GMT
    I lost 30 pounds in five months by cutting the excessive carbs from my diet. I stopped eating sweets and potatoes, reduced my consumption of bread from ~6 slices per day to 2, and replaced all the whole grain and beans of my largely vegetarian diet with meat. I lost all the weight before starting weight training and putting on 25 pounds of muscle.
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    Sep 13, 2007 12:47 AM GMT
    Its a long process. I hit rock bottom on my fitness and hit 111kg in 2003. I started to develop a lot of health related problem form breathing, sleep apnea, heart enlargement and even shitting blood when I go to the toilet.

    It was for health reason that force me to lose weight. I do a lot of jogging, swimming and dancing. Cut on my fatty , oily intake and manage to shed some 20kg so far. When I first join Real Jock is because I am looking at way to inspire and motivated myself. Most guy here is so darn muscular and good bodies, that make me more determined to be like one of them. It to bad I cannot put my before and after picture here, so I can share how far I have progress from that obese guy to the way I look now.
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    Sep 13, 2007 12:54 AM GMT
    You all have seemed to have done very well and should be congratulated. When I first became a vegetarian, I lost weight like mad. Unfortunately, it is much more difficult to gain muscle mass when you are vegetarian. So, I'm looking for a new trainer who has experience working with vegetarians. It is difficult sometimes to get over plateaus, so it's very important to change your exercise routines often. For me, it's more of a motivation thing right now. That's why I'd like to hire a trainer. If I'm paying someone to train me, you can better believe I will stick to my routines! :-)
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    Sep 13, 2007 9:56 PM GMT
    I lost over 80lbs over a 2 year period. I started off running like a loonie then found an excellent routine that was HIIT based that got me to 14 1/2 stone (203lbs) and I hit a brick wall. Up until then I had been cleaning up my diet and getting healthier.

    Then I had a car crash and that put paid to my running, thankfully I put my name forward to Mens Health websit in the UK as they were looking for guinepigs for an online challenge. I got selected and got to work with their trainer and nutritionist. Im a sponge I question and absorb information and then research it myself. Id always been interested in Dr dardens methology and HIT based training and when MH said this was similar to what they proposed I was bought in 100%.

    I started monitoring my diet with fitday and went on weekly calorie cycling from 2500 a day cycling 200 down 100 up each week until I got to my minimum baseline figure of 1400 calories a day. By the time you cycle down you get used to it.

    The end result was 22 weeks later Id gone down to my lowest since 15 years previous and my first ever six pack in my life. A 6 pack was never my goal but as the weight fell off I just kept going. The best thing was tho that over that 22 week period I lost zero lean muscle mass, I actualy put a couple of pounds on altho thats insignificant. One of the key elements after diet was hydration and because the weightloss was slow and sustainable I had zero stretch marks and in the end no loose skin.

    I maintained for a few months and then went on to add 16kgs of lean muscle mass in 6 months, partly due to glycogen replenishment and partly due to my workout ethic. No pills no potions and both undertaken at a macro split of carbs 60% Protein 25% and fat 15%.

    the best thing about it is being MH it was high profile and because of that I managed to inspire hundreds who followed suit, some of which I actually train hands on myself today still.

    I think the key to weightloss is realising that exercise is hugely inefficient way of losing weight. All that running people do when overweight is not only damaging to their joints but it makes a rod for your own back and its extremely difficult to monitor the exact deficit you create. As soon as people realise the significance of diet ie training is 80% diet 20% training and ditch the wish pills and potions like fat burners and creatine they achieve their goal as the primary focus centres on diet and training and not things that will make minimal difference in the grand scale of things

    God that ended up like war and peace or worse a Miss World entry, peace and love to all
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    Sep 13, 2007 9:58 PM GMT
    sorry that should have reead results wether weightloss or muscle gain is 80% diet 20% training
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    Sep 13, 2007 10:48 PM GMT
    Damn Im having a bad brain night its being on a US Site I switched the Lean Muscle Mass over and forgot to change it to lbs. That should have read 16 lbs of LMM. I would have added more but had to abandon due to leg injury playing up at the time back on track again now tho
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    Sep 15, 2007 5:23 PM GMT
    When I was little like 7- 10 yrs old I was pretty fat...I think it had to do with my burgeoning homosexuality
    but through lobotomies and shock therapy I think I paved my way through :)
    But when I was 13 I did the Adkins thing before it was Adkins
    I lost a huge amt of weight
    and gave myself a kidney infection
    which made me loose even more ...
    30lbs in 4 weeks

    after this I got the fitness bug and have been fairly thin ever since
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    Sep 17, 2007 2:45 AM GMT
    I've been fat all my adult life... I broke 220 pounds when I was 14.

    I've shed almost 70 pounds in the last 12 months. Joined a gym, joined weight watchers, got myself a personal trainer.

    I haven't been the most vigilent dieter - I still like an occasional beer or scotch, I still eat crap every now and again, but it's been the exercise that has really helped.

    3 weights sessions a week, 3 hour long cardio sessions (high intensity) and walk the dog at least three times as well.

    I just feel a lot of confidnce now... I can buy the clothes I want, I actually can chat to guys in bars, I don't think people are staring at the fat bloke anymore.
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    Sep 23, 2007 7:50 PM GMT
    Hi bfg1, you mentioned your stint with MH was high profile; is there a site or article somewhere online where we could read more about the specifics of what you did? Not sure exactly what you meant by cycling calories up and down, and what kind of foods you ate ... etc. My goal now is to get a six pack, and you would think there's a thread just dedicated to that, but I can't seem to find one. May just have to start one myself ...
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    Sep 23, 2007 9:56 PM GMT
    It was MH UK site but they reformatted to a new version end of last year and as Id left thread was gone! Thankfully I copied and pasted it all will happily send it to you

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    Sep 24, 2007 3:30 AM GMT
    Not much of a success story.... but

    In high school, I was about 250+. I think I was a sophomore. Well, after getting bloodwork back, my doctor told me that I HAD to lose weight. My cholesterol was getting up there, but not too bad, but my triglycerides were completely through the roof (494mg/dL).

    Well, over the summer, and a few months into junior year I lost 50-60 pounds by doing absolutely nothing. It was actually kind of alarming as my family has a terrible cancer history, among other things, but I'm still alive today. :) Oh, and when I got bloodwork post weight loss, everything came back uber-low in the "healthy" ranges. I think my triglycerides were down in the 70mg/dL range, and my cholesterol dropped all the way down to the low 100's.

    So in my Freshman year of college, I dropped another 30 pounds by being busy literally 24/7 with honors classes, never sleeping, and never eating, but by the end of the year I was in the beginning of a long term relationship and got "comfortable", and the next year I started neglecting class work to be with "the one", and started letting go and eating poorly.

    Now I'm back up to at LEAST 200 pounds again (haven't checked my weight in a long time), but the two of us are both finally getting motivated to change the past few years of "getting comfortable" and we're both trying to go vegetarian now (or at least I am), and I'm joining places like RJ to get support from the community when I finally make the steps to start working out. :)

    So, anyway, I guess the "success story" boils down to the fact that I have a very volatile metabolism. :)

    I can't wait to start posting in the other forums about my exercise outcomes. I naturally have a lot of muscle mass, and I seemed to do well with weight training in the past. Hope my metabolism hasn't changed yet. :)
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    Sep 24, 2007 3:54 AM GMT
    I got up to about 175 in January 2006, and then lost 25 pounds in the following two months. It helped that I started a new (& more physically demanding) job, but I also completely cut out fast food and exercised a ton (biking, lifting, running).

    Unfortunately, I got really sick that summer, left the job, my exercise program fell apart, and of course... I gained most of the weight back. I'm still working on getting back into better shape, and figuring out what my ideal weight should be. (I was pretty thin at 5'11" 150 lbs.)
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    Sep 25, 2007 12:42 AM GMT
    I started Weight Watchers with my husband in January of this year. He's taken off 30lbs, I've taken off 20lbs, and have kept it off for 5 months now. We still go to the meetings, and they are fun, mostly older ladies with a few scattered men, but we have a good leader and it keeps us focused on what we eat.

    I don't really do the points anymore, but concentrate on the "core" foods, which are foods most nutritionist tell you should eat more of. Basically, lean meats, whole grains, and plenty of fruits and veggies.

    At the gym, i do 3 days strength training, 3 days cardio.
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    Sep 25, 2007 2:53 AM GMT
    At my highest weight, I was around 230 and now I weigh around 190 and have kept the weight off.
    I have set and met many many goals I thought impossible (or a least very difficult).
    Doing triathlons has totally changed my life.
    So what is it going to take to get you to sign up for a triathlon today?
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    Sep 25, 2007 5:55 AM GMT
    I've lost 37 lbs since January of this year.

    I joined fitday.com to keep track of what I was putting into my body.

    I also stopped drinking alcohol altogether in April and have lost about 20 lbs from that alone. Yes I drank like a fish when I did.

    I run around 30 miles/week, weight train, and have 2 high energy dogs that need a long walk nightly. I also eat pretty well whatever I want...I avoid fried, and fatty foods and I try towatch my simple carb intake carefully. I just feel better when I eat healthy and am active so I'm not worried about gaining the weight back.
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    Oct 08, 2007 11:30 PM GMT
    Lets see, my long sordid tale.

    I grew up a fat little bastard. That I can place blame squarely on my mother, since at the age of 5-6 I really can't make bright decisions. I was the youngest of four kids and half the family was fat and half was thin as a stick.

    Now the rest of my life I take full unabashed credit for. But the time I hit 22 I had balloned up to a little over 400 pounds. I still can't believe. My face looked like I was attacked by bee's. I couldn't walk up stairs, was soooooooooo depressed, which led me to eat more.

    There are reasons behind this giant weight gain, which are offpoint. I finally got so sick of my life. Suicide was constantly on my mind. I was full of hatred towards myself and others and closed off from the world. Something inside clicked, I HAD TO CHANGE.

    Now the tale itself has been a rollercoaster. I have tried to become a Bulimec, so I could still eat the food I wanted. I used very dangerous weight loss drugs. I would starve myself...etc.

    Then I put it in my mind not to be so damn lazy. I started to work out in earnest. And honestly HATED it at first. And I've tried every diet under the sun.

    So working out and a balanced routine finally started to take a hold, and the weight fell off. It's taken me years, and with some set backs.

    I am finally someone I would glad to be friends with. I've accepted myself and who I am. I am now ADDICTED to the gym, and fill like crap if I don't go. I am currenlty on the BODYOPUS Diet. And can see my final goal within a few months away. And still can't believe where I've come from.

    I still walk through a dept store and will catch of a glimpse of a guy and do a double and realize it's me, haha.

    Sorry for the rant.
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    Oct 09, 2007 7:51 PM GMT
    well n8 you look bloody fantastic and a real inspiration

    Hope ya get your goal

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    Dec 07, 2007 1:48 AM GMT
    Wow N8! Thanks for sharing. I am currently 40 pounds lost toward my 80 pound goal and your story I have found inspiring!
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    Dec 07, 2007 3:09 AM GMT
    I posted this story previously, so if anyone here would rather skip it, go ahead. Sorry. But, if anyone missed it, here goes...

    I gained weight very gradually. I used to be a skinny little runt in high school. But by my then-age of 39, in March of 2006, I had gone all the way up to 353 pounds. My cholesterol was through the roof. I was under a ton of stress and pressure. A lot of this stress was due in part to the whole gay denial thing, among others. In early March of that year I had a massive stroke. I was in a coma for a number of days. I 'woke up' slowly and spent nearly two months in rehab. But while I was in the hospital, something really remarkable started to happen. I lost nearly 55 pounds in there! I felt like a single great big turn-around kind of thing started to take place. I started to feel good about eating real food for a change as opposed to those almost daily McWendyTacoBurgers. So much of what I now eat is based on healthy and healthful foods, and served in a sensible fashion. So for me, it's not so much as cutting back the foods I ate as much as it's just eating correctly instead. Today, I have lost almost 100 pounds because of how good I feel instead of how stressed I used to be. I can walk, talk, and move almost perfectly normally, as if I never had a stroke now. Yes, it did leave me with a few residual side effects that I'll just have to deal with the best I can, but I look and feel so much healthier now than I ever did. I should probably also note that since then, I also joined the gym for the first time ever, back in January 2007 and I work out 4 times a week.
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    Dec 07, 2007 2:26 PM GMT
    Congratulations to all of you for being concerned about your own health, food intake, and exercise.

    There does not seem to be any consensus about whether losing weight under the auspices of a doctor and trainer would have helped the process of changing your habits.

    You might damage your liver in the process.
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    Dec 10, 2007 9:04 PM GMT
    Chris I was woking with a PT and nutritionist when I lost the latter part of my weight to get down to a 6 pack. I was monitored regularly and logged everything, food, diet, training sleep mood.

    Im not sure where you get your organ damage assumptions from as you are far more at risk of organ damage from obesity and throw in some heart failure too
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    Dec 11, 2007 1:35 AM GMT
    OK...I am the lone "oddball" on this site and will most likely get a rath of shit from a few uninformed or unsympathetic members, but here is my story.
    I was born big at about 11.5 lbs in 1960. I was in "husky" sizes as a toddler and into mens cloths by the time I was 9. I weighed 240 at age 12, and 285 by age 16. In college I was at 300, where I held until about age 40. Then my weight started to rise again this time it topped out at 418 in December 2004. THis was a lifetime fight, diets and gyms and exercises and pills and meds, etc...nothing worked and nothing helped. I was desparate and knew my life was going to end soon if I didn't find a way to chenge. I decided to change or die in the effort. I had bariatric surgery in September 2005. This was the hardest, scariest, most painful thing I have ever done. I would also do it all again if I ever needed to. It has been my saving grace. I am not at the insurance listed "ideal weight" but I am more healthy and cative now than I ever was as a teen, 20 or 30 something. My life has completely changed...I am now holding at 180 lbs, with a body fat of about 12.5%. My resting BP is around 105/55, my resting HR is about 55 BPM, all of my blood chem numbers are great. They were not great before surgery, I was a "stroke, heart attack and diabetic victim" waiting to happen. Now, my doctors and support group members use me as their "poster child" of what defines success on the program. I lost the weight over about 15 months and have been at a stable weight for almost 2 years now....The extra skin is the only draw back, and mine is not real bad, although I will not be on here with my shirt off! I have the muscle definition, and it shows on some places, but my abs, most likely will never be seen without more surgery. At nearly 50, I can live with having great health and not get too upset that I don't have chuckystuds absolutely spectacular body...although I certainly do dream! Hell, I never thought I'd get this far, or bealive to tell about the "transformation"...so it is ALL good!icon_smile.gif
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    Jan 17, 2008 5:03 PM GMT
    Sporty_g....you just wrote a GREAT story.