Original drink recipies

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    Aug 12, 2013 3:13 AM GMT
    While I dance and tutor middle schoolers, it's bartending that really puts bread on my table. I mainly do private events, most often filled with posh and smarmy rich people who are always looking for the newest cocktail (those who don't stick with their classics at least.) I've got hundreds of recipes I can whip up from the top of my head, and my iBartender app has at least 2,000 variaties now, many of which I've never had the chance to make. But I'm always on the look out for new drinks, or variations on classics that I can rename and pass off as something new. (Standard industry practise.) So here's a chance to swap some cocktail or drink recipes.

    Currently working on a repertoire of drinks based on political scandals. So far I have:

    The Carlos Danger: A Manhattan made with Hudson whiskey, equal parts sweet and dry vermouth, and homemade bitters. Served in a martini glass

    Lewinsky's Blue Dress: White rum, creme de cacao, and blue curocau garnished with two pearl onions on a stick.

    The Larry Craig: Vodka, Kahlua and Frangelico in a shot glass. Drink with a wide stance.
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    Aug 15, 2013 9:50 PM GMT
    Lewinsky's Blue Dress sounds like a winner, as long as the bar patrons are middle-aged or older. No one under 40 will comprehend it. The stain on Monica's dress almost cost Bill the Presidency. He didn't realize that she hadn't swallowed all the evidence.

    Petraeus Martini: Peach-flavored vodka; not to be drunk while e-mailing.

    A good old non-political plain drink: Pogues' Ginger Lady ( whiskey, drunk straight from the bottle).