Original script 4 sale Alice Cooper Welcome to My Nightmare 1975 with notes & lyric changes

Alice Cooper FANs - Fan Expo - Aug 22 - 25 see A.C. live!

Highest bidder closing date Aug 21, 2013 5:01p.m.

director R Iscove's copy ? "one copy in print" written page 22

"Vincent is missing page 65" hand written notes scenes times people associated with show & lyrics changed & more

Thanks for the bids.

If you don't hear from us we thank you for your time.

Thank you

I received this email:

Your email to Alice's radio show was forwarded to us; we manage Alice.
We checked with Bob Ezrin, who says the script isn't his, but might have been Rob Iscove's.
In any event, we'd love to get the script from you and give it a good and rightful home in the Alice Cooper Archives, a repository of all things Alice that we administer, and which is presently being cataloged in detail and digitized.
As it happens, I will be in Toronto with Alice August 22-25 for Fan Expo, and perhaps we can get you a comp admission to the Expo and you can come meet Alice and I and give us the script? We'd be happy to reimburse you the 25ยข.
Please let me know.

Thought about giving it to Alice Copper in person for free then I felt insulted about the 25 cent response.

so I thanked the agent and laughed .

Alice is getting paid, so why shouldn't I... so here I offer it to you the Alice Cooper Fans or Memorabilia collectors.