Mormons... Bad for Women, Children and Gays...

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    Aug 23, 2013 1:14 PM GMT
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    Aug 23, 2013 1:24 PM GMT
    I would like to further the discussion of the Mormons and what they do. There are a few facts about the Mormons and their twisted faith, twisted members, and fucked up ways...

    The Mormon Congressional Delegation mostly (except Mattheson) voted against the Women's Against Violence Act... because it now includes gays. Interesting that it still passed; however, their hate for the gays exceeds their compassion for women and children suffering domestic violence.

    Utah's Lt. Gov Bell instituted an entire Government audit over a child abuse case of a Mormon family (guilty of child abuse). Bell's entire goal was to de-rail a child-abuse case. Bell's attempt failed; however, he used the Utah State Government to attack a child, and protect the child's abusers. Because Bell is so well connected they decided not to prosectute it as a crime--even though it was a crime.

    It is getting more and more difficult to defend Mormons as a serious religion that protects women, children, and gays. Mormons are so wonderful at managing their public relations; however, the fact remains... they continue to jepordize women, children, and gays.

    My grandmother said you can judge a people, faith, organization or individual on how they treat women, children, and minorities. It is pretty apparent to me that the Mormon leadership, Mormon people, and their fucked up ways harm not just gays... but also harm women and children.

    It is an example of a faith gone-wild. (Worse, we don't see any partial nudity.) If there was truely and example of an organization worthy of scorn... the Mormons are all worthy of the scorn and shame of all good people.

    If any members of Real Jock would like to defend the Mormons to you I say... "suck it".