I'm speaking of Detroit guys. Back in 2011 an RJ member posted a link to photos of Detroit that appeared in the Denver Post:


The poor state of Detroit came to pass because America's Liberal Socialist were not suffucuently active in stopping this delcine. 'Act Up' guys. You can solve this problem and pour so much government and private cash into Detroit that it will once again become a utopian paradise.

Start by demanding that General Motors, otherwise known as Government Motors, set the minimum price of all new vehicles at $100,000 U.S. (GM will have to bump the price of the Corvette ZR1 up a little higher.) Obama can assist you by specifiying via Executive Order, (Socialist Order -- a very good thing in these times of despair) that the difference or delta between the original sticker price and that $100,000 be passed along to the City Council of Detroit. Those guys after all certainly know what to do with cash. Lol. (Unfortunately they were not too keen at ensuring those white folk that moved from Detroit continued to send tax dolars back to them.)

Of course, the fly in the ointment is going to be Nissan, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai/Kia and a few others. Hell, maybe even Ford. Barry can solve that problem too you know. You must make sure he adheres to his "roots." He's a Bro. Tell him so.

(Damn, if ya'll haven't gone to hell in implementing Dr. King's dream. Stand by your brothers. You must realize once again the the real purpose of being a Robin Hood is the "robbin'".)

Since certain things never seem to stop prideful Socialist, Obama can use those billions being spent at the Department of Defense to go abroad and just take those trillions U.S. businesses are storing offshore. No big deal. It's just 'Change' baby. After all, you have no moral guide blocking you from such action. You define your own set of morals. Many in America have killing down pat. So what's the big deal?

Get with it guys!! You know as the fine Master Race that you Liberals are, you have a solution to ALL of America's shortcomings. icon_rolleyes.gif