The guys on Grindr who are stingy with their numbers

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    Aug 28, 2013 1:16 PM GMT
    I don't know if I'm just impatient, but I kind of hate how the grindr process goes. The talk for a couple days or a week or two, just texting whenever the both of you seem to be on, which is so rare, and if both of you are constantly on and are thus able to communicate often on that battery-draining sucker, then wow...get a hobby.

    I'm the kind of guy who'll talk to a dude for about an hour worth of texting, and if there's chemistry, I'll either ask for their number or give them mine. It's just that after doing the chatrooms and then grindr texting thing with maybe 500 guys over 3 years, I've heard all that text banter time and time again, and it's old, and it's rarely a good indicator of how the person actually is over the phone or in person, since every dude on grindr ups their confidence level 10 fold it seems.

    I just prefer to hear how they talk over the phone, for a variety of reasons, since that's the closest you'll get to see if things would be awkward in person. And I'm so bored of the texting process that it seems like such a massive waste of time thinking of all the dudes and all the time I've spent texting them, when a 5 minute phone call could've clued me in that there's not really a, I don't know, spark.

    Anyways, my point: what annoys the shit out of me are those guys who I've talked to for what I consider a good while, I ask for their number, they say "let's just take some more time to talk/text", and then I'll even give them my number to speed this shit up, and then they always says the same crap: "Sorry just want to make sure you're not crazy."

    What the fuck does that even mean? Crazy people don't invest in things? That if I spend an extra day texting you random crap I'm suddenly considered not crazy? What do you even mean by crazy? I'm going to kill you? Steal your organs and then kill you? Post your number on craigslist fetish ads and bar bathrooms stalls, because your number is just oh so special and different from everyone else's and you're under the impression I won't delete it just like everyone else's the moment things sizzle out? That I'll harass you with calls and texts? Then block me moron, or just don't respond to them and eventually my crazy ass will get bored and go bother someone else. I even have some idiot who calls me on a Private Number sporadically the past 8 months at random intervals cause he's so butthurt I blocked him on grindr and told him I lost interest. I never answer and I delete his voicemails without listening, problem solved. One annoying nuisance out of the hundreds of dudes who got my number is not worth being so paranoid, in my opinion.

    Although maybe I am just a little crazy. Thoughts, opinions, insults, complaints, rants, stories, I am here for you. I'll even give you my number.
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    Aug 28, 2013 1:50 PM GMT
    Dude, it's Grindr! It's the app where you meet a guy in person, bang him and then he disappears. No one is obligated to give you their phone number despite the quality measurement of your conversational text messages. When they feel comfortable and trust you, then they'll give you their phone number but for the moment, just take it as it is.

    In other words....stop taking Grindr so seriously!
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    Aug 31, 2013 5:55 AM GMT
    I think you need to remember that Grindr is an app and an app that unfortunately, most use for cruising so of course no one is going to want to give their number after talking to someone they don't really know after one hour. People are also wary of 'catfish'. Not everyone may be as they seem so I'd say not giving a number after a short amount of time is just a basic precaution. Also no one's really obliged to give one their number. The world, particularly the online world, isn't the safest so it's not a big deal.