WNBA Player among Anti-Gay Protestors in San Antonio

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    Aug 29, 2013 12:55 AM GMT


    In before the "WHO?": Sophia Young is from Shreveport, Louisiana by way of the island nation of St. Vincent. A Baylor U. grad (like Brittney Griner - go Bears, I guess...), Young led the school to the their first NCAA title in 2005, and was named the Most Outstanding Player of the tournament.

    She's a three-time WNBA All-Star who would has played her entire WNBA career (since 2006) for the San Antonio Silver Stars. She was a finalist for the 2012 Olympics roster.

    In the offseason, while playing in China, Young tore her ACL (anterior cruciate ligament, in her knee) and was declared out for most of the 2013 WNBA season. The Silver Stars were holding out hope that Sophia would become available next month for the team's final playoff push. Maybe not so much, now.

    Sophia Young (via Twitter, @sophiayoung33)Should San Antonio be a city that allows same sex marriage?? I vote NO.


    Sophia Young (via Twitter, @sophiayoung33)My vote is still No... San Antonio should not allows Same sex marriages.

    Twitter grammar fail aside, it's also a context fail for Ms. Young. What she and hundreds of Xtianists are protesting is an ordinance to consolidate non-discrimination ordinances in San Antonio, ensuring inclusion of provisions protecting persons on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, and/or disability.

    Sophia wants to pose as if this is about marriage equality, and she'd be right if she went one state to the west. But it's not, and now she's showing just how duped she can be.
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    Aug 29, 2013 1:10 AM GMT
    General story about the Religious Freedumb protest in San An that Young was a part of.

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    Aug 29, 2013 3:31 AM GMT
    And yes, this is the same town (deliberating over the same ordinance proposal) where THIS happened:


    And where THIS happened:


    'Tis not a stretch to imagine Ms. Young being among the eager "boo'ers" of a soldier amputee. Or, at the very least, being a full-throated supporter of them.
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    Aug 29, 2013 2:44 PM GMT
    Reactions/responses in WNBA land are trickling in.

    Sue Bird (via Twitter, @S10Bird)I have a dream that all people have the chance to realize their potential and never be denied opportunity #DreamDay

    Rebecca Lobo (via Twitter, @RebeccaLobo)
    @hoopfeed How could anyone be against a non-discrimination law? I wish the newspaper piece explained the issue better. #GladILiveInCT

    @hoopfeed Especially today, that tweet saddens me. #MLK50

    Tully Bevilaqua (via Twitter, @Bevilaqua41)Just lost all respect for a former teammate!!

    I don't stand up for my beliefs but for my family and equality and fair treatment for all human beings!!
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    Aug 29, 2013 8:34 PM GMT


    HoopFeedFirst, the facts about Texas:

    * San Antonio is the largest city in Texas without LGBT protections in local ordinances.

    * Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, El Paso, and Austin prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation. Houston expanded protections for city workers to include transgendered individuals in 2010. In Waco, home to Baylor, the city’s Equal Employment Opportunity Advisory Committee voted last month to add the protections to the city’s EEO policy.

    * Houston, the country’s fourth largest city, has a popular openly lesbian mayor, Annise Parker.

    * Dallas is home to the largest LGBT church in the world, Cathedral of Hope.

    * San Antonio is touted as a gay family-friendly city and the local tourist board actively targets LGBT travelers. In fact, the city has the highest percentage of gay and lesbian parents in the U.S. according to the non-profit Freedom to Marry Project: “34 percent of same-sex couples in San Antonio are raising children under 18.”

    * The LGBT community in San Antonio is large and vocal with a heavy dose of members of the military and veterans. San Antonio is the home of seven military installations. The proposal under debate would also add protections for veterans and the disabled.

    HoopFeedWhile Young took to Twitter to voice her views, San Antonio Silver Stars fan Anel Flores, who was interviewed earlier this year by Katie Couric about LGBT equal rights, took the floor during the city council debate yesterday evening and delivered this speech:

    Anel FloresThank you Mr. Mayor and thank you Councilperson Bernal and all council members who support the Non-Discrimination Ordinance

    When I was in college dog sh-t was smeared on my car and the word “dyke” was written on my windows. My dorm was broken into and the words, “you are going to hell,” was written on my mirror.

    My second year teaching, I was told I couldn’t take my students to competition because I was a lesbian and I needed a male teacher escort.

    In my fifth year teaching, I was working late after school and I heard the football coach yell to his team, “come on faggots! Run!” The following year, the coaches thought it was okay to talk about the female teachers with me like they were sexual objects, and I was just one of the boys. I am not.

    In my eighth year teaching a transgender girl, who was my student, was forced behind closed doors to shave her head by a male administrator, “if she really thought she was a man!” I never saw her again after being expelled.

    My tenth year teaching one of my gay students, who I reported many times for being bullied at the bus stop and in front of the school library committed suicide.

    Three years ago my daughter was not allowed to do a speech in school about her lesbian mother’s fight for the legalization of gay marriage.

    Today when I walked up holding my fiancé’s hand I was told I was going to hell, again.

    And, as I sit here today many of our council members have discriminated against me, my family and my community with hateful, ignorant, arrogant words.

    My name is Anel Flores. I am a business owner, a published author, a tax payer, a consumer, an artist, an activist, a neighborhood association member, a chamber member and I am also a lesbian mother together with mi prometida, Erika Casasola.

    Our 14-year-old daughter attends a San Antonio public school, dances professionally, sold the most Girl Scout cookies last year in all of her school, and plans to be a large animal veterinarian when she grows up.

    Our oldest daughter, graduated earlier this year at the top of her class with more that 1000 service hours, interned with Women’s Global Connection at UIW, just started at Southwestern University, joined the Latina sorority and is pre-med.

    I am here to correct all of you who said that my family is immoral and “disgusting.” Ms. Chan, I am also here to remind you that all religion is rooted in love.

    And I am here to remind you that voting yes can save lives of silenced, bullied lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender children and children of LGBT families.

    Vote yes on the Non-Discrimination Ordinance and protect your neighbor.
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    Aug 29, 2013 9:22 PM GMT
    Does she know three quarters of her colleagues/teammates are homos? icon_lol.gif
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    Aug 30, 2013 4:39 PM GMT
    More chiming in:

    Former WNBA MVP Lauren Jackson (via Twitter, @laurenej15)@sophiayoung33 Seriously? OMG.

    Everyone deserves the right to love, to be accepted and to be treated equally. WORKING TOWARD A BETTER WORLD FOR ALL.

    Layshia Clarendon (via Twitter, @Layshiac)This @sophiayoung33 stuff has opened the dialogue about LGBT athletes in women's basketball #silverlining #thankyou

    (Regarding an upcoming meeting with LGBT Indiana Youth Group) I just want kids to know its okay to be different; in fact its beautiful. I'm super excited to get more involved with #IYG Thanks @mywarden for the stuff. The stickers are going on my laptop! #celebratediversity #love #giveback