First of all, I do not want this to become a flame war, let us keep this friendly, and let everyone be really honest without repercussion.

Obviously cheating is rampant in the gay community. Yes I am aware of the rare monogamous relationship.

I just want serious and honest real story experiences. Have you been cheated on? Have you cheated on a partner? Did it end your relationship? Are there any here who are in committed relationship, yet cheat frequently?

I am in a relationship of 4 years, and I have below an average sex drive. I have not cheated, been tempted, have had offers, but have turned them down. Mainly because when I was single, I found out I was being intimate with someone who was HIV +. Luckily, after years of testing I contracted nothing. I am lucky, but I have been afraid to sleep around solely because of hiv/aids/hep etc etc.

My partner and I are close, best friends, good relationship. Found out he cheated. It did not really bother me, sort of turned me on, I know, that is weird, but whatever. The only thing I am mad about is the fact that diseases spread easily, and my partner and I bareback. I freaked out solely because of this reason, otherwise, it really doesn't bother me, because we are still happy in other areas of life. Sex just is not really to important to me.

I am happy, my career is going great, am I am happy with my partner and he is happy with me, just curious how people address the disease issue. I do not like condoms, and I only like to have sex like once a week... I know my partner rarely goes elsewhere for anything if at all. What is sensible in regard to addressing potential bad practices?

Again, please do not bring a flame war on here, lets make this a respectful chat where people can be honest. My intent is not to bash on people who admit to cheating, and I hope others respect that as well. ;)