Among the usual misconceptions about wrestlers is the one that, if they pursue another sport at all, it "has to" be football or weightlifting. Nonsense! For one thing, if only lifters and football players took up the mat sport who would compete in the lower seven or so weight classes? icon_lol.gificon_rolleyes.gif

In reality a fairly large number of XC runners and track athletes wrestle during the off-seasons (some would put that in reverse order.) Their speed, stamina, endurance, and great lean-muscle strength serve them well. So - of course - does a certain masochistic streak which causes them to not only not shy away from pain but even embrace it.

Skeptics are silenced after seeing a scrappy sprinter emerge victorious over a bulked-up bodybuilder, or watching six points go on the scoreboard for a marathoner after his tall lean mean self takes apart the football star. (Even being the spectator to feats like these is awesome. icon_biggrin.gif )

Talk yourself up here if you combine(d) these noble athletic disciplines. icon_cool.gif