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    Sep 15, 2013 7:43 AM GMT
    Hey guys, so I have recently started going to the gym and I have a few questions I'd like to ask, I would really appreciate some feedback .

    I used to be a competitive swimmer and I have been swimming since I can remember, nowadays I only swim to stay fit and to clear my mind.
    I have recently started going to the gym in an attempt to build some muscle, increase strength and consequently improve my swimming. I am lifting and swimming twice a week, it's all I have time for at the moment. I vary my swimming workouts with anaerobic and aerobic focused days, swimming between 1.5km and 4.km a day depending on what kind of exercises I am doing of course. When at the gym I have been doing full body workouts, focused mainly on strength training. Nutrition wise I am still eating clean like I always have, the only difference is that I eat a bit more and I am having protein powder and mass gainer shakes to complement my daily diet. I have been doing this for one and a half months and I have gained 3.5 kilos so far while keeping my body fat levels virtually constant.

    So do you guys think that's a good strategy? Am I going to be able to build muscle? Do you have any tips on nutrition or workout ideas you could give me? Would love to hear back from anyone that has done the same or knows what they're on about !
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    Oct 19, 2013 12:24 AM GMT
    well, depending on your stroke, you should target those muscles that you employ in the pool. I will give you a list of muscle groups you should build up with weightlifting:

    1. Lats - a primary muscle group for several strokes.
    2. Butt - Squats, lunges, and others for good kicking
    3. Shoulders - Military Presses, and very many other shoulder exercises.
    4. Lower Back - for Butterfly
    5. Quads and Hamstrings - Kicking
    6. Triceps - Also needed for arm strokes.

    Always do opposite groups to avoid injury -i,e. do biceps after you do triceps, hamstrings after quads, etc.

    It is a question of balance, because building up your muscles will cause them to grow, but they will become tight, which will impede your swimming strokes for awhile. You will find it harder to execute your strokes, but the muscles will elonge slowly, and it is rather painful, but after 25 or so laps, your muscles will begin to loosen and lengthen out. It is up to you to decide how hard to push it.

    I forgot to mention abs, which also play an important role.

    Hope this helps.