Hi friends

Does anyone enjoy foreign languages? I've been fascinated by foreign languages ever since I can remember. My brother's best friend was from Puerto Rico and I actually asked his older brother for his Spanish book from when he went to high school in PR. I was eight at the time.

Started learning Swedish when I was 12 or 13, kept on with it and now speak it fluently. I live in middle of nowhere, Oklahoma, so it was all self-taught from the Internet and talking to penpals on MSN messenger / Skype.

I did take Spanish my 7th and 8th grade years of school but didn't learn much due to teachers who didn't even know the language. They taught the standard stuff like "My name is.." but no lessons over grammar. I started studying it seriously on my own when I was 16, went to Mexico earlier this summer to practice it and had so much fun.

I had dinner with a client a few weeks back and he too was a huge language nerd. For two hours straight, that's all we talked about.