Lighter to heavier or vice versa

  • Destinharbor

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    Sep 18, 2013 3:30 PM GMT
    My practice has been to start a given piece of equipment with a set that is about 60% of my one rep max and then do the next three sets at progressively heavier weights until I can just barely finish the last set. Sometimes a drop set. But lately I've noticed a lot of guys starting heavy and dropping weight for each set. What's the advantage? Why?
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    Sep 18, 2013 9:09 PM GMT
    Reverse pyramid. It's a good way to emphasis strength building, while also stimulating muscle hypertrophy with the higher rep sets that follow. One thing to note, is that you should definitely do a warm-up set or two before loading up the plates for your first working set.
  • SkyMiles

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    Sep 18, 2013 9:24 PM GMT
    I've seen and followed routines that have progressive sets, drop sets or both, or where you use the same weight throughout the exercise.

    I don't know if one is "better" than another or if it's just a matter of mixing it up every so often ("muscle confusion") so that your muscles don't adjust to the exercise.

    Starting with heavy weight power sets makes me a little nervous in that you really, REALLY have to be thoroughly warmed up before you start!