Serious replies only.

I classify myself as "total bottom" as I love anal sex so much but as a small asian guy, my body is just TIGHT and yes, it includes my anal sphincter.

I am a long term sufferer of "anal fissure". I don't even know why or how as my BM isn't "big" and I drink plenty of water. It just happens on and off for several years now. At first I thought anal sex is just supposed to be painful but this year, the fissure is STRONG.

I battled with it and It somehow healed it up to 90% and could start doing anal sex with regular size penis. However, 3 weeks ago, I got impatient and tried to insert a 8x6 pornstar dildo for picture taking and I think I somehow injured it. Again, I didn't feel the "tear" right after the insertion but a fissure was formed a few days later when I tried anal sex.

I also believe I didn't drink enough water and I drank too much caffeine. My body does not take caffeine well which makes my sphincter very "dry" and easily get damaged.

My condition is not "bad". I am not one of those that need surgery because every time they shit, they bleed or in severe pain. I haven't bled in a long time but I know the scarred tissue inside is making my sphincter very tight.

I think I am ready for Botox. Has anyone got Botox injection specifically to relax sphincter so they can have anal sex?

I read about the incompetence part and it seems a lot of is being blown out of portion?

If you have done it, please give me some advice. I am still try to heal my fissure but it is taking forever.