Joel Osteen - Has He Encouraged You? (That's All He Does, Really.)

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    Sep 22, 2013 3:04 PM GMT



    What do you think of Joel Osteen as a spiritual leader?

    I think he is like a visit to a cupcake bakery in a nice old pedestrian part of town on a nice evening. His cupcakes are so good they're decadent. Indulge in the decadence of his spiritual food.

    His lessons become a problem if that's all your nutrition.

    People need lessons on


    Social Responsibility

    Political Ponerology

    How to Think (Reasoning, maybe some Socratic dialogues)

    The Occult and the Paranormal

    Scorecarding the G7 (G8 or whatever number you want to use) countries

    = = =

    Yes, there is a richness in God's love.
    Yes, there is prosperity in God's love.
    Yes, there is favor in God's love.

    But there is a lack of wisdom in his packaging of scripture.

    Yes, he is a healthy looking man.
    Yes, he is a beautiful looking man.
    Yes, he speaks beautifully.
    He is idiosyncratic, so don't get me wrong.

    In conclusion, don't be mislead by his sweetness. Success for the spirit is more complicated than his message and more complicated than the Bible.

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    Oct 12, 2013 2:42 AM GMT
    What nobody can negate is that the Christian love message changed the world.

    However, there were these, also.

    The Inquisition
    The Holocaust
    environmental abuse
    subjugation of women
    slaughter of "heathens"
    North and South American genocides
    witch trials
    sexual stupidity
    denial of reality
    the Crusades

    Were none of the aforementioned fueled by Christian concepts of "saved" versus "condemned?"

    Wasn't Giordano Bruno burned at the stake because his idea, that stars were suns that were so distant that they only appear like specks of light, caused doubt in people's religious beliefs?

    Don't confuse the watered down contemporary suburban W.A.S.P.ish, Joel Osteen presentation of the "good news" with the reality of Christian belief and actions over the millennia.

    The insanity exhibited by Muslim extremists now was the reality of Christianity until relatively recently in American history (and it would still be the reality if reason wouldn't have intervened.) Don't fool yourselves.

    Didn't someone somewhere once say, "you can judge a tree by it's fruit?" Do you know there are some religions that have no drop of blood shed in their history? That don't have people killing each other in their "Holy Land?"

    Why is the sight of the Abrahimic religions the most violent and dangerous powder keg in the world?
    "Holy Land" indeed.