For the young fellow gay who have a problem with depression, loss, and a constant sadness and don't know how to overcome these problem. Here, i invited you to (if you want) to talk about it and let's discuss. I was have the same problem and almost take the wrong track, but thanks God, i got a good solution and i get myself back.
I learned everything from the nature with the guidence from the elders in my village. It sounds like what we watched in the movies eh?...but it's the fact.
I do really understand how is a depression feel and how dangerous when it reached a level where you feel there's only a lonliness. Suicide, drugs and crime sometimes look like the best solutions you have.
But, the fact is you still have some other options that you denied to see.
Let's share our problems and let's find the best solutions.
Born as a gay is hard compared to the straight people but we we are all have our own reason. Because there's a purpose for everything under the sun!