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    Sep 24, 2013 4:09 PM GMT
    Anybody get into cyber ____ (fill in the blank)? In my case I like to be made a cyber (bdsm) slave. What are your thoughts on cyber? Are you into it, are do you think it's too impersonal?
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    Sep 24, 2013 6:17 PM GMT
    It sux that you can't IM through this site any more, but I've got Yahoo for that. Not having a webcam (or interested in getting one), likewise for a Skype account, is no faze. icon_biggrin.gif Because I've had some cybersex good times and still enjoy it.

    What's essential, though, is that the other guy is on the same wavelength.


    Guy: do u have a hard on
    Me: yup
    Guy: what r u wearing
    Me: boxers w/the fly open
    Guy: cool
    Me: what r u into
    Guy: im horny
    Me: k...
    Guy: r u horny



    Guy: FUCK man, this has got my boner raging
    Me: (BITES your left nipple, pinches the right)
    Me: (Laps at the left nipp knob, massages the right pec)
    Guy: Do you want me to take off my jock strap?
    Me: You can keep it on if you want me to start eating your ass out
    Guy: I want you to suck my dick
    Me: Lose it dude, I wanna deep-throat that bad boy
    Me: (Backs away and drops to my knees)
    Guy: (Peels off the jock and throws it aside)
    Me: Back up to the wall, quick
    Guy: (Backs up right next to the wall)
    Me: (Scoots forward, opens mouth wide, engulfs the entire thick pulsing 8-incher, clamps jaws around it, leans back super fast)
    Guy: SUCK IT DUDE!!! DAMN!!!