Cable machines routine for first time user.

  • ashyboi5000

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    Sep 25, 2013 11:22 AM GMT
    So my first post has turned a bit scattered brained and all over the place, hope someone can make some sense out of it...

    So been going to the gym since end of May and wanting to change my routine.
    Currently I go three times a week and do a mix of stuff while I'm there- even though I know you're not suppose to mix cardio and weight training.

    It's typically:
    Bike 10mins
    Upper body using weight machines
    Rowing machine 10mins
    Legs and the odd bit of upper body on the machines
    Then epletical for 10mins and cool down.

    It works for me, I've seen weight loss and muscle gain but I'm getting a tad bored of this so looking to add in some of the cable machines. I also suffer from hypermobility and joint/muscle pains, hence the "smooth" action of the bike and epletical.

    Any good moves to start with for the cable machines?

    I go to PURE Gym so PT's are more there to supervise the gym than actually help but I am thinking about getting a couple of sessions with one to help with form and a routine. I'm currently happy with body shape but would like to start sculpting it- if that's a common used phrase?
  • Destinharbor

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    Sep 25, 2013 4:13 PM GMT
    I'd suggest you put some order in your workout. The positive results you've gotten so far are normal to a beginner because you've gotten some tone. Now you need to start doing things right to grow. Three times per week isn't much if you want to continue to do both cardio and weight work. Though 20 minutes of cardio before and after is more just warming up and cooling down, which is fine. I do that, too. Try dividing up the middle weight exercise into three routines for the three days and design it to work on specific parts like chest/triceps day, Biceps/shoulders day, back/legs day. WRITE DOWN in a book what you did and how many of them. Put some order in it. And I'd recommend you skip the cable machines and get comfortable with the dumbbells and the incline and decline bench. Do three sets of ten for each exercise and do six to eight different exercises. Good luck!