Colo. State Senator: Oh, Dems, Gays, You and Your Little "Mind Tricks"...

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    Sep 27, 2013 8:17 PM GMT
    Is this the same guy who believed the bike trails in Denver were part of a sinister United Nations plot? icon_twisted.gif


    GayStarNewsColorado state Senator Kent Lambert has told an online Christian TV program that he believes US Democrats are engaging in a ‘mind control experiment’ on same-sex marriage as part of an Orwellian agenda that could lead to the tactics employed by the worst dictatorships in human history.

    In Colorado we have a constitutional prohibition against homosexual marriage, however [the civil unions] law turned that constitutional provision on its head,’ Lambert told the host of the webseries Pray in Jesus Name on 24 September.

    ‘There are no wa(i)vers or provisions for any contrary thought, whether it’s religion or just people’s expression of their own morality. It completely suppresses basically any ideas. It’s a mind control experiment by the majority party, the Democrats, here in Colorado to force everybody, including children in schools, everything else, under penalty of law to believe in homosexual marriage.’

    Lambert compared not wanting to do business with LGBT people to conscientious objectors to military service.

    ‘We have a long tradition in the United States, as you know, in the US military of conscientious objection of things like going to war and things like that,’ Lambert claimed.

    This completely, in my opinion, tramples those rights. And it’s specifically targeted against religious rights.

    During the Korean and Vietnam wars until 1973 the US jailed conscientious objectors who refused military conscription.

    Lambert then claimed that allowing transgender people to use the facilities of their chosen gender was part of an Orwellian agenda that could lead to the worst kind of totalitarian tactics.

    Privacy will no longer be in effect in the United States if this agenda continues in the direction that it is right now,’ Lambert claimed.

    ‘This is certainly Brave New World, the Aldous Huxley novel that Big Brother is here, he's alive and well and we're going to force you into the kind of agendas that some of the greatest dictators in world history have tried to press in the past.’

    The character of Big Brother appears in the George Orwell novel 1984 not Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. (SIDE COMMENT: icon_lol.gif )

    When ya focus too much on one Book, ya tend to forget exactly what's in everyone else's...
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    Sep 27, 2013 9:03 PM GMT

    Well he could always start up a company to sell these to the general population to keep 'em safe. Or maybe the State could cough up the cash?

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    Sep 27, 2013 11:19 PM GMT
    The agenda now is world conquest? I didn't get that memo.

    Count me in. This is way better than toaster ovens.