Feeling like a dead tire surrounded by heaps of rubbish and dozen scrap cars, I stood there on the side of a dirt road , in the most notorious part of the city.
The old industrial area.
I cursed the moment I had decided to take my car there.
now have you ever heard of the saying " Blessings come alone, but trouble in a pack"!?
Because a few stray dogs had just started moving out from under abandoned cars, and suffering Cynophobia,I began to shake in my boots.

after waiting for an hour and a half and no sign of a taxi taxi coming my way, at this point I thought I had to take the bus, and so I began walking towards the bus stop which was ahead.

next I found myself stranded in the middle of nowhere, ina dark, dirty and completely dead crap car-yard, and the snitch of old engine oil started to fuck with my nose.
As I continued walking, cars kept passing me by, I tired waving for them to stop,but no one stopped.

Then as if being stuck in the middle of dirty industrial area after dark wasn't bad enough, I moved aside to call one of my friends to tell them my whereabouts and see if they could come pick me up, I started noticing that my battery was almost dead and the single on my screen was fading away!!! GREAT!
Stranded at night, with no one but a multitude of herpes infected dogs. They could have done anything to me!
minutes started feeling like days,standing there in the dirt road with mixed emotions of exhaustion, and possible mad dog bites )":
Finally a truck stops, I gasped and with a trembling hand, I opened the door.