Hey everyone. As I'm sure you all know, homosexuality has become a highly political football for some years now, and it seems to be getting worse.

Here in Australia, seeing as though our Labor Party lost so horrifically and they don't want to accept it (whiney children they are), one of the leadership candidates wants to introduce a quota system if he were to win.

To the Australian out there who pay attention to this, this is none other than Bill Shorten, who thinks we should have a gay quota in the Party, at the exclusion of those who actually have any merit (he didn't mention that part).

So my question is basically what do any of you think about quotas? Not just for gays, but for ANYTHING. I am personally a critic of Affirmative Action, because it does nothing to help women if they install shitty ones in the role. This can be open to any country, not just Australia as I used it as an example.

Please discuss