It is interesting that certain experiences we keep repeating in our mind. One experience I often repeat is from high school where this girl told me "you should kill yourself". I don't even recall who this bitch was, but once in a while I think about her saying that to me.

As I stated I don't even recall who she was and outside of that day I don't recall interacting with her much. It just seems so out of the blue and random. In high school I was quiet and shy and mostly kept to myself. Though I came from a working class community because the way my school district was the High school I attended was in an affluent area.

I understand that for whatever reason not everyone is going to like each other. For the life of my though I can't imagine what about my presence would had invoked such a statement from her. I wouldn't say I was suicidal then or now though I've had some suicidal thoughts time to time during my life, but nothing that normal people probably don't have at times. I just don't understand 1) why she would say such a thing to me 2) what if she said something like that to a mentally unstable person.

I am sure some will say "just cant over it", "don't think about it" or other such things, but it runs through my mind once in a while - mostly because it just makes no sense. In the end it probably is because she must had stuff going on in her mind/life to cause such a statement. It is still amazing what effect a random statement from a seemingly stranger can have even after so many years. Anyways wondering if others have things they just can't seem to let go said to them? Positive things can also be stated ;)