Drugs among gay men, homophobia

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    Oct 04, 2013 9:55 PM GMT

    I am preaching to the choir, but homosexuality is natural. I spoke to a relative of mine of the elder years and he commented on how homosexuality is not natural because unlike women who can self lubricate, we gay men have to buy lube. But I countered that homosexuality is common in the animal kingdom and they know nothing about the theory of morality. Even dolphins are gay. Penguins can be gay.

    Now the Gambian President said ‘Homosexuality more deadly than all natural disasters put together’

    The thing that makes me angry, as a gay man, is that many gay men hook up and have sex all over the shop. They go on Grindr and don't get tested. They spread diseases and don't care about the consequences. HIV is treatable with a concoction of drugs, so a large number of young gay men just risk unprotected sex because it is "fun" and "exciting". Having a condom is NOT fun, so they say. I was reading PINKNEWS earlier and read that drug use is also widespread among gay men.

    We are giving anti-gay people ammunition to fight against us. Homophobia is because of ignorance and stigma. But stigma arises because gay men are looking for hook-ups. They look for drugs and they deal with being marginalized by society. This becomes a vicious circle. Society hates gay people, so gay people turn to drugs. This image of the spread of HIV causes fear to the wider public, causing more homophobia.


    I feel sad and somewhat ashamed. Our fight for gay rights will have come in vain if we do nothing to preserve what we have left.

    This must come from everyone. Gay people and straight people.
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    Oct 04, 2013 10:32 PM GMT
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